Halimaw (2)

June 30th – Murky Water

Five days later, the pool was half empty.

There was no leak from anywhere and the water was murky at the deep end of the pool.

Everyone said it was just dirt but where is the dirt coming from when there is no leak?

Is it a blob of whatever the kids are playing around with?

Chemical reaction? Reaction to what?

I watch the experts discuss and point at that one side. I remained at a floor above the pool and watched the water from a distance. For a moment, I thought something took shape and my whole body froze and I felt fear creeping up from my feet, slithering up to my neck.

‘Did you see that?’ I asked the person right next to me. But no one was there. I could have sworn someone stood next to me. I thought it was one of the staff but maybe it wasn’t either.

It is then I realise, I am alone with all these thoughts and the feeling of misery started to creep in.


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