Random good memory #1

I fell asleep last night, listening to the rain.

And I woke up this morning with the rain coming in my window, splashing on my face.

As I partially closed the windows, I suddenly remembered one of the times I got completely soaked in the rain.

I was walking in the middle of the street when it started raining. I didn’t panic since I like walking in the rain anyway but this was heavy and I was soaked within a minute. I started feeling the cold creep up my body as I walked on. The temperatures dropped as quickly as the rain.

As I waited at the pedestrian crossing, an umbrella randomly sheltered me for a while and I knew it was a moment’s relief and relished it. The green walk sign blinked brightly and I waited for the wave of umbrellas to go ahead first.

I realized the same umbrella was still sheltering me and I looked at the man next to me who looked like a teacher. He was getting half soaked.

‘Let’s just cross the street,’ he says, waving free hand.

‘Uh…thank you!’ and we half run to the opposite side.

I was expecting him to go the other way but he kept following me. I was about to ask him if he was going the same way but he held up his hand and nodded. I remember it was a bit of a way before I manage to get to the closest bus stop.

When the bus arrived, he waved goodbye and I thanked him. I watched him made his way back to where he was supposed to go.

He didn’t even try to initiate conversation, he was just a nice dude.

I hope you are doing okay in life nice dude.

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