I know this is rather late for a Valentine’s Day kinda post but I wanna share this.

I remember this vividly – my mother was on the couch and she was crying at what she was watching. I heard my father’s voice, he was teasing my mother about crying again and she threw the pillows and small towel she used to wipe her tears. My father was laughing his ass off and he struggled to get my mother into his arms.

My father thought he got my mother locked into his arms but she bit him and he yowled in pain and they both started laughing their brains out.

Then the song ‘How Deep is Your Love‘ started playing. I remember looking down and seeing my chubby hands briefly and then that was it.

I asked my mother years ago about this and she was surprised how I remember it all – down to the song.

That was my first memory of my parents and my first memory of love.


(The original Bee Gees is the best and there are so many great covers. The one I linked recently blew me away. I hope you all enjoy the song!)