Stolen Hearts (Chapter 3)

When he finally came around, I was more prepared and had a towel over me to cover the wretched hole on my chest.

I just waved my hand to say hey.

‘No, noooo, noooo! STAY AWAY!,’ he tells me, as he scooted backward, ‘I don’t like the supernatural, I don’t even watch horror! How is that – STAY AWAY. I warn you I scream really loud,’ he says, warning me as he points at where the hole in my chest is, looking as horrified as the first time he saw it. ‘Don’t you dare open it, he says wide eyed. ‘I will scream bloody murder.’

‘I should be the one panicking right now so shut it, please and no, I won’t open the damn towel. I’m not sick.’

‘What are you even – ! You should go to the hospital! OMG, EW.’

‘I don’t know and no. No hospitals! You realize what they are going to do with me if I went there, right? I don’t think I am ready to be immortalized even if I am going to make the history books.’’

‘A-are you a zombie? Are you going to start eating people?’ he asks, wide eyed, shaking his head, realizing the possibilities of this happening, he said as he reached for the the baby powder bottle and waving it at me like a weapon.

‘Of course not, okay coz if I am I would’ve turned already, I guess. Maybe ate my cat – no offense, Pushkin!’ Pushkin runs away from me as I say this.

‘OMG, stay away from me,’ he waves the baby powder bottle even more violently.

‘I am not going to eat anyone! I can barely stand up.’

‘Because you a zombie!’

‘Didn’t you just hear what I said? You know, at this point, I’d very much rather be a zombie then at least, I don’t actually know what is going on with me coz I don’t have a functioning brain.’

‘Then, you get super human powers? I’ve seen it in movies, ‘ he said, still swaying that baby powder bottle at me, in defense mode.

I roll my eyes.

‘OMG, you’re turning!’ He panics and looks for the closest thing next to him, which is a pillow.

‘If you are so alarmed at my state; why don’t you just leave me here?’ I say as I feel the rest of my energy zapped and lie back down in my pool of blood.

‘Because I’ve always believed that I am a kind hearted person,’ he squeaks at me as he looks behind the large pillow, ‘and I am curious like how are you still talking? You were gone for a week from work you know.

‘A week? What the flying fuck? I thought it happened just last night…’

‘No, you were gone for a week. We tried calling but no one answered the phone. It wasn’t disconnected so we thought you just left since you’ve been unhappy with some of the things that has been happening at work. We didn’t even call any of your family members coz management thought it was too much of a hassle to go through someone. At least you got your pay? Please promise you won’t eat me.’

‘Go the fuck away then I don’t really care right now,’ I am still on the floor, I think I stopped bleeding coz my shirt is dry.

‘The others asked me to check on you since you didn’t come in.’

‘I was out for a damn week?’ was all I could say. That would mean I haven’t eaten or drank anything for the entire week. No wonder my throat feels parched and then I have a thought –  they said humans will die if they don’t drink water, what did they call it again, the rule of three? Three minutes without air, three hours without a shelter in a harsh environment, 3 weeks without food and 3 days without water – or you’ll perish. I wasn’t listening to Jost right now. He is talking about wanting to be clear that I don’t eat him if he helps me, blah blah de blah nothing is registering. I remember when I have epiphanies like these, everything would slow down and I would hear my heart beating. Everything did slow down but I got silence on the heart beat. I wonder if my situation will change when it comes to food and water consumption – should I even try to get back to it or nah?  I just hope nothing literally comes out of my chest. The best solution I have at this moment, if I was going to be honest, is to staple my chest together. That would require a large cover of something – now where can I find such a thing? I can’t get it from the morgue nor can I get dead animal skin. It’s 2016 and I can’t even buy prosthetic skin from the drugstore like a band aid. It’s times like these that I have a love hate relationship with science fiction.

‘You haven’t bled to death, you have no heart and now, more than ever,  I have major trust issues.’

‘I haven’t got the faintest idea what is wrong.’ I admit. ‘Although I have to admit that everything feels lighter.’ I nodded at a disapproving looking Jost.

‘Do you think – is there a possibility that you turned into a vampire?’ he asks sincerely.

‘No, not a vampire either. Otherwise, you’d be dinner but you know, in more glamourous setting,’ I playfully reached out as if I was going to crawl super fast. When he realized what I was doing, which caught him off guard, he let out the loudest scream I’ve ever heard. Louder than a tween?

‘Can you not?!’ he screamed at me as he threw baby powder at me, writhing in disgust.

‘We can check later, you know, during the day,’ I offered.

‘How about we call the cops? I’m sure someone heard me scream…’

‘No, no cops or I’ll end up in a top secret bunker somewhere in Timbuktu.’

Jost got up and cautiously comes towards me, ‘D-do you want to get off the floor?’ He offered the pillow to me, unsure.

‘I do but it’s gotten really cozy down here,’ I replied sarcastically. ‘I have no strength. I can live off my last days here, lying down here until I become some sort of tree and then I become those legends you hear about as a kid and then you will turn into a myth. That’ll be cool.’

‘God, what’s with the drama?’ he says as he rolls his eyes at me, ‘We have to clean up this mess,’ he says as he looks around the bathroom and the room.

‘No leave it, please. Maybe my hair will absorb all this blood back and hell, maybe I’d become one of those advanced humans or mutant and grow back a heart. I wonder if Wolverine can live through this kind of situation and just grow back the heart. That would be so awesome.’

‘No, you have to get up,’ he orders as he helped me up, pulling me up. The towel on my chest comes off and Jost looks away as the hole on my chest is right next his cheek.

‘Can you please put that towel back where it’s supposed to be. The smell is making me want to puke,’ he tells me, putting effort in every word he says as if he is teaching me how to read. I put it around me as he help me navigate back to my bed.

‘Do I smell rotten? I can’t actually smell anything. Perhaps this would become a superpower. No smell. Hurrah.’ I tried lifting my hand up but I feel like I used up all my energy going back and forth.

‘Just dried blood. I’d like to very much put you inside the shower but I’m scared it might open up your chest again. If I look like I am gagging, I am but I am trying to get it in control,’ he says as he tries to keep himself distracted.

‘You can go ahead and puke, you know.’ I offer as if it’s going to be easy for me to reach the bed on my own. We reach the bed and he slowly lets me sit down. Everything feels sore.

Jost runs back towards the bathroom and I could hear him puke.

‘Let it all out, maybe puke for me too.’

‘I almost slipped on your blood,’ he pukes again, ‘I have blood all over my white shoes,’ he pukes again.

‘Sorry I’ll get you a new pair,’ I offer. He comes back in a few minutes, wiping his face.

‘What do you want to do?’

‘I want to know if he took anything from me? Robbed me?’I asked, thinking a bit straight.

‘Doesn’t seem like it.’

‘Can you check, please? I’d go with you but heh, I am completely useless but Ares is not,’

‘Who the hell is Ares?’ he asks confused.

‘My baseball bat. It’s underneath my bed.’ When I tell him that, he went white as a ghost and pointed down, trying not to make a sound.

‘No, there’s nothing there. It’s full of my clothes in boxes.’ Jost puffed up his chest and dropped on the floor. I heard some shuffling and he stood up as quickly as he dropped.

‘Heh, you’re right. It’s all boxes. He won’t fit in there unless he’s a smurf.’ he chuckles relieved. ‘Okay, I am going to go out there and check your kitchen and living room which isn’t that large, thank you lord for small apartments. Now when I get back, I may or may not bring the kitchen knife with me, just in case you turn to something while I was gone. You can say that I’ve seen too many movies but this,’ he points at me ‘this is real life and it doesn’t make sense. I hope I can get back here in one piece.’ He gets up with Ares in hand and walks towards the door cautiously.

‘You can turn on the light.’ I say helpfully which just managed to spook him. He gave me furious signs of annoyance which no one would understand and then he settled for the middle finger. He quickly gets out of the door and I hear something fall hard. It took me by surprise too, ‘Hey are you okay out there?’ I ask as loud as my parched throat can muster.

‘I’m fine. I tripped on your fucking wire.’ I hear the click of the switch and the light blinking to life. ‘Oh fuck shit no..’ I hear him shuffling quickly back towards the room.

‘What? What? Hey! What happened?’ his eyes are petrified as he almost falls on me.

‘Oh god,’ he makes the sign of the cross, ‘this looks so bad,’ he is sweating profusely and he sounds like he is trying to breathe properly. He shuffles through his bag quickly and produces a plastic bag where he inhaled and exhaled from.


‘Yes. I’ll be fine. THANK YOU. This thing is a whole fucking mess. I don’t know what I’m still doing here.’


‘I’m leaving after this. I’ll show you.’ he says as he swoops me off the bed and walked towards the door.

I struggled with the sudden pulses of light landing on my eyesight but I saw it.

‘IF YOU WANT IT BACK, YOU HAVE TO FIND ME’ with a smiley face.

Fucking asshole.

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