Social Media Diet & other things

Two weeks ago, I decided that I was gonna go ‘offline’ the best possible way that I could.

Hong Kong is the worst place to be offline. But I was just tired of seeing the same things repeatedly over the course of the week. Maybe it was the bad news here and there and the feeling of being so small in such a crowded world. (I gotta say, I prefer knowing what is happening than being a complete dolt.)  To me, it felt like everyone was talking at the same damn time and I just wanted to get away from the group conversation that wasn’t going anywhere.

Perhaps it was work stress or being sick for three weeks.

The only thing I checked were messages. Messages from bros and family are always welcome.

My IG is always updated coz I find funny things and I want to show the world my cats. I am still trying to minimize my social media.

I have been quite Taken (insert Destiny joke here) with Destiny 2 with the bros. If anyone plays PS4, let’s all raid!

Last week, a complete stranger asked me where I’m from and where’s home for me. A three hour sort of debate ensued. I’m a realist and he trying to get ‘feelings’ out of me. It was the funniest exchange.

He was also very drunk.

I do have an update on Stolen Hearts today and perhaps something new for tomorrow.

Hope you are all well and have plenty of face to face interaction without using any tech.


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