new things for fall/winter

Hey everyone!

I know the title sounded/looked like I was gonna start selling things I personally own or I’m endorsing a company but no, I am not here to start any of that even if I do have a shop with TFS and another one which I will not discuss yet because now is not the time!

I am new here at WordPress and I am embarking on this whole ‘I am going to host myself’ journey because I am terrible at keeping up with my blog.

I lost a lot of stuff I wrote and researched for stories I am writing and what I already wrote because of lost, corrupted and dead hard drives. I hate starting over again – I absolutely hate it – but I gotta learn how to deal with that shit coz it happens to me ALOT.

Anyway, I am hoping to update at least twice or more a week here and I can’t wait to weird you guys out with my dreams/nightmares and other things.

Til’ then.

P.S. My brain feels out of shape.


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