The Family Stone 2: Chapter 1

Marcie and her sister Mills, sat in the spacious mini library their aunt Lulu has in her 3 storey house. Their aunt sent for them out of the blue and their father, Henri, their aunt’s adopted younger brother and their mother, Libby, was more than grateful to send them off away from home on the weekend. They were picked up from their home by Vicenzi, their aunt’s butler, and arrived at the house by their aunt’s car.
‘I shall call you as soon as we arrive at the house to check in,’ Vicenzi tells their parents.
‘That would be great, Vice, thank you.’
‘Now girls, don’t give your aunt too much of a hard time. You know she hardly sees you because of work but don’t give her such a hard time about it, alright?’ their mother reminds them as she adjusts their clothes and check their bags.
Their aunt works in an office, according to their father, Henri. She works late, sometimes stays for days or goes somewhere to get a paper signed.
As they arrive at the house, Vice opens the door wide for them to get in.
‘Now children. Your aunt specifically asked me to ask you to read about dragons. The books we have on them are compiled on the main table in the library. She will be back tomorrow morning, if I am correct. Tea will be served at 3 in the afternoon which I will bring up the library, as usual. Supper will be served at 6 in the evening and you have to be in bed by 9, latest 10. Now off you go! I shall bring your bags up myself and I need to check in with your parents.’
‘Thanks Vice!’ they girls say in unison.
‘Race you!’ says Mills who is 7 to her sister Marcie who is 9.
Marcie lets Mills win like she always does and finds her picking a book on top of the pile and getting settled on the corner of the room. Marcie picks up a thin black book which she opens carefully. It looked like a diary and the diarist had careful handwriting. She brings it over to the sitting area and sat next to her little sister.
‘What do you think Aunt Lulu wants us to find this time?’ asks Mills without looking up at her book.
‘I’m not sure yet. She never tells us but only asks us to read.’
‘Dragons are a secretive lot.’
‘They are, aren’t they?’ Marcie says agreeing as she scans the diary for anything unusual or useful that they don’t know about dragons.
‘I like finding the Kelpie best,’ Mills says slowly as she turns the book around.
‘The Kelpie was pretty cool,’ Marcie admits. ‘We haven’t been here since the missing Hobgoblin, right?’ she says crunching her face.
‘It’s already past Easter….I miss Aunt Lulu.’ Marcie nodded in silent agreement.
‘Children….’ says a faint whisper. Both children look up from their books slowly and scans the room.
‘Over here, by the fire,’ another whisper.
‘There is no chimney…what fire?’ Mills whispers to her sister.
‘Behind you!’ The children turns towards their backs and sees a fading silhouette of Aunt Lulu’s face. ‘Children, there is no time. Please tell Vice to look for Alexandria. She will be looking for me and she will know what to do. I love you bo-’
The fire disappears just as it appeared.
Mills is holding on to her sister’s sleeve and Marcie is holding on to the window sill. They stared at the empty area where the fire once was and remained speechless until there was a knock on the door.
Vice came in with a large tray, ‘Children…what’s wrong??’ The girls burst into tears and ran towards Vice who quickly set down the large tray on the table.
‘What is the matter?’ Vice asks the two inconsolable girls.
‘Aunt Lulu is – in trouble…she says to find Alexandria…’ Marcie says as she tries to control her sobbing.
‘Who in the world – ?’
‘Um…hi there. I’m Alexandria or you can call me Alex,’ All three turn in surprise to find a rainbow coloured haired lady standing behind them, grinning. ‘Do you guys know where Lulu is?’

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