The Ark (Chapter 14)

Chapter 14

A lone and unlucky smuggler is swimming not far from them, minding his own business as he repairs his already leaking ship. He is unaware of the chase that is happening. Alder, Oak and Piscine notice him and jumped off the current to avoid getting too close. On the other hand, the creature was not fast enough to follow them. It managed to get out in time but its tail smashed towards the smuggler’s ship. There was a crash and his ship collapses right before him. He screamed out loud in such a high pitch that you’d think it was a lady in distress. He did not notice the trio nor did he see what initially broke his ship. Twice.Yes, it was the very same creature and it was a very unlucky day.When the creature stealthily followed Piscine back to Krakatoa, it managed to swing its large bottom on to the very ship it finally destroyed. It was not as good in stealth as it presumed.At present, the trio swam the other direction, carefully avoiding other predators’ attention. Alder felt something coming behind him and just as he turns to move away, it lightly scraped him on his left hand. He did not know what it was and when he looked back, he instantly saw that the creature was the one throwing it. It kept throwing a ball like thing at them and they kept dodging it. The twins have been under the water for so long so they had to go up for air. They have to be quick. I quick inhale and dive back down again. Once they resurfaced, just as they are about to dive back down, they can see the creature resurfacing at exactly where they are. They immediately swam away but it was too late. The creature managed to throw them up into the air, along with Piscine.‘Wait! Don’t panic! It’s so zheng!’ Piscine shouts in mid-air, looking excited which did not make sense to the twins at all. Did she just call the creature zheng?As they were about to fall back into the water, they were tossed back up again and they can hear Piscine laughing a little too happily. Alder and Oak look at each other, worried for Piscine. Has she gone mad? Before they noticed it, they landed on something soft, and rather slimy.Alder and Oak looked around them and realized they landed on a shell of some sort. It looks like a shell but it’s quite soft to touch. Piscine is already standing beside its long neck and she’s telling something to it. It has a long neck, with a beak, gigantic sparkling eyes and two webbed feet and is orange and yellow in colour.‘What is that?’ Alder asked, finally able to speak, pointing at the creature, just staring at it.‘It’s a coconut duck!’ Piscine tells them, quite excited.‘A what?’ Oak asked, unsure of what Piscine just called the creature.‘It’s a baby coconut duck!’ and as if on cue, the coconut duck meeps at them. ‘It was playing!’‘What? Playing?’ Alder said confused. He almost lost an arm but then, if it’s still a baby, it doesn’t know what it is doing.‘Where did it come from?’ Oak asked and the baby coconut duck’s head went straight to him and it meeped happily at him.‘It likes you!’ Piscine told Oak, quite delighted.‘There, there that’s a good coconut duck,’ Oak says as he holds out his hand slowly towards the coconut duck’s head. ‘Where did it come from again?’ Oak asked as he felt relieved when the coconut duck let him touch its face.Piscine gave a long sigh. This is as good as a time as ever. She has to tell them about what’s happening. ‘Perhaps, we should feed our friend here first?’ she suggested. ‘Wait here,’ she tells Alder, Oak and the coconut duck. The coconut duck looks at the water, worried, as if its mother left it.‘It’s okay, yob. She’ll be back,’ Alder reassures the coconut duck. After a few minutes, Piscine resurfaces with a fish half of her size and some vegetation.‘Here ya go!’ she said to the coconut duck, offering the food. The coconut duck looked at it for a few seconds and it turned its head away. ‘What’s wrong? You don’t like it?’ Piscine asked the coconut duck. It meeped in sad reply. ‘But this is really good,’ Piscine tells the coconut duck, looking at the struggling fish with a frown. ‘I’d eat it if you don’t want it.’ Piscine shrugs. But the coconut duck did not flinch. It did not want to eat whatever she brought.‘Maybe its not hungry?’ Oak tells Piscine, trying to help both her and the coconut duck. They hear something from not so far off.‘Ahh…I think it’s that smuggler…’ Alder assumed.
‘We better move,’ Piscine says, ‘here…follow me coconut duck!’ as she swam away, the coconut duck, seeming to understand her, followed her. When Piscine went under, it went under as well. Alder and Oak held on to its back as it swam. And how it swam! It seemed to be the happiest, just following Piscine. The stars are twinkling as brightly as any night and the calm warm seas reflected its glory.

(Written for 2013 NaNoWriMo.)

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