Crawling out of the cave after Nanowrimo, festivities and other things

Buongiorno! *tips hat*

Happy New Year!
I hope everyone had a great time with the festivities. 

As you all can see, I won my second Nanowrimo last year (that is quite odd to say because last year is four days ago!) and I was going to talk about that here right after crossing the 50K line but I felt overwhelmingly deflated. 
And quite shocked too.
The next thing I knew, Christmas Eve rolled in and here we are!
Oh, and I’ve finally jumped back into the dystopia category after losing all that work years and years ago. I was quite determined to break my so-called ‘curse’. 
I was quite determined to finish and I’m very lucky to have a very solid support group who checks up on me on a daily basis – I even had a song – which was not my idea but it was very encouraging. Lol!

To be honest, I have not reached the end of the story but I will finish it and post it all here. 🙂

Be good and stay safe! 

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