The Family Stone (Chapter 39)

Terra stands in the field, looking afar.
‘I feel quite useless now,’ she says under her breath. Gwyn is standing not far from her. ‘I didn’t even know my daughter is alive.’
‘She is quite powerful.’
‘She always has been. She was the first Libra that Tellūs and I made. She had all the gifts and it came naturally for her. She was the one who we initially chose to bond with Stēlla but she refused,’ Terra smiles at the memory. ‘She was also the first one who openly refused to do what we asked. But we love her so much that we did not even argue with her and gave Stēlla our second born instead. Perhaps she was jealous of Stēlla. Tellūs & I did have that suspicion but we did not even bring it up.’
‘Did she ever have a Bond?’
‘She never did. Not from what I remember. The bonding would have made waves in the cosmos.’ Gywn nods his head in silent agreement. He remembered her during the war. She barely spoke and others called her the Silent Libra because of how quickly she eliminated her enemies and without any trouble. She and Stēlla, along with Boon, would have finished off the war if they wanted to. The thought troubles him to this day because that very idea never happened although they had that wild expectation.
‘I know what you are thinking, Gwyn. Two powerful beings, one lone Libra and the most powerful human being to have ever been born bonded with another Libra, unable to stop the army of Chaos. Perhaps you can blame me and Tellūs for that. We were too proud and there were too many things that we have ignored,’ tears in Terra’s eyes appear. ‘It could have been prevented if we wanted to but we didn’t. We realized our mistakes too late.’
Gwyn bows, ‘Empress-Queen, now is not the time for regrets. What’s done is done. We may have all made mistakes in the past that we cannot undo but do not forget that we still live and may still have a chance on changing the fate of the world.’
‘Oh, ignorance is bliss Gywn! I wish I did not know this. How the people of the world go on about doing what they do, ignorant of what is happening to their world now. What would happen if they knew?’


‘Chaos.’ Gwyn answers without a doubt. 

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