The Family Stone (Chapter 37)

Alex wakes up with a start and falls off the low tree branch. She quickly gets up with her hair everywhere, looks around her with her arms up, ready to fight,
‘What…what happened? Where’s that biatch? Where’s Boon? I can farkin’ do this!’ and as quickly as she regains consciousness, she collapses. Teg manages to catch her before she fell on the ground.
‘I hope she doesn’t do this all the time,’ Teg says as he slowly lets her down.
‘I think she is just a bit disoriented. Or maybe she’s just…being her.’ Gwyn says, amused.
‘You have to admit, that was a close call.’ Teg replies.
‘Indeed.’ Terra clearly relieved. ‘For a moment, I was quite ready to leave Annwn until…’
‘Empress-Queen,’ Gwyn bows to Terra, ‘A thousand apologies for the interruption but may I suggest we speak of her later? I know there are a lot of questions on your mind and I’m sure we all have our questions. Let us all recuperate for the mean time. You must be exhausted. My people will serve you and help you to get back to the kingdom,’ he bows and claps three times. And the kingdom of Tylwyth Teg packs up for the journey back home.
‘Why is it that every time I wake up after using magia, I get a killer hangover the next day? Alex says as she nurses her heavy head around the pillows they stacked on her. She, Boon and Teg are at Teg’s quarters, recuperating from the fight earlier.
‘You have just begun your magia training and it will take out a lot from you but just in the beginning.’ Teg reassures her.
‘Don’t you have some sort of magia pill to make this all go away? A magical painkiller, perhaps?’ Alex groans. ‘Maybe I shouldn’t talk to loud. It feels like my voice is echoing in my head and is bouncing around in the process.’
‘If it makes you feel any better, you didn’t do so bad.’ Alex looks at Teg, looking unimpressed with his compliment.
‘Oh, alright then! You kicked ass! Happy?’
‘Yes!’ Alex groans, burying her head onto the pillows.  
Boon has his head on his bent knees, and is sitting beside him. ‘I hope she recovers soon because this is not exactly a good feeling.’
‘You always complain too much.’ Teg tells him, cheerfully, and smacks him on the back. This makes Boon cough a bit.
‘I think I am too old for this.’ Boon tells him. ‘By the way, how is Mother doing?’
‘She is in a state of shock, although she will not admit it. Finding out another one of her children is still alive is great news but she is astonished that she did not know.’
‘I agree. How could she not know? Could I not know?’ Teg is shaking his head in disbelief. ‘Perhaps we were too busy looking out for the Chaos that we did not look into other possibilities that there is another Libra alive.’
‘Guys,’ Alex still has her head on the pillows and her voice is muffled. ‘I really feel like I’ve consumed an incredible amount of alcoholic beverages. Is this why you guys don’t drink?’ she lifts up her head and points accusingly at Teg and Boon, who looks like he’s suffering from a migraine.
‘I do drink occasionally. Actually, the last time I drank was after I found you two in the woods. I wasn’t sure what to make of it from afar. I was afraid that you too might have been dead.’ Teg confesses.
‘But we aren’t,’ Alex says as she puts her head back to the pillows, suddenly sounding serious. ‘I think I’ll take another nap. Boon, take a nap as well.’
‘But I…’
‘I know you don’t sleep but just close your eyes and meditate or whatever. Relax with me.’
‘I will get things ready. The King would like to call a meeting as soon as you both are well.’


‘Thank you Teg.’ As soon as Alex thanks him, he hears her snoring. She must have used a lot of magia, Teg thought. 

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