The Family Stone (Chapter 35)

Boon carries Alex and runs. He doesn’t know where he found the strength but he is running faster than before. He runs as fast as his feet can take him. He has to be strong. This is how he will redeem himself to Stēlla. Even to Alex. He promised her he will never leave her. He sees a medium sized gap and he doesn’t stop to think whether they will fall in or not. If they do, they do. If they don’t, they get on the other side faster. Boon makes the jump and he doesn’t stop running. He thought about the possibility of Vtl catching them. What if he can’t make it to Annwn in time, he thought. He wished he told her that they shouldn’t go but he trusted her as she trusted him. He makes a sharp left turn down the hill. He should be close to the entrance. If ever, Vtl manages to unbind them, he knows how to kill himself. Very quickly too. It was a forbidden ritual but Stēlla told him about it before when he enquired about it.
A suddenly has a flashback of that night. It was one of the peaceful days after the Flood. There is just peace and he lived with Stella in Helike.
She sang songs at night that even he couldn’t understand but he thought it was beautiful. He watched the full moon that night, wondering what would happen if something happens.
‘Under some circumstances, we tragically happen to unbind, what would you do?’ Stella asked him suddenly.
‘A thousand apologies Domina,’ he starts to hoot, after all he’s an owl, which she wanted his form to be, ‘I was under the impression that I was keeping these thoughts to myself. Forgive me for such morbid thoughts.’
‘No, don’t be so apologetic. I understand your concern. It concerns me too. If you unbind with me, you will no doubt become a Chaos if you are influenced by dark forces. We both do not know how much resistance you will put up. I too, may fall into the wrong side of the fight – with enough convincing and rage in my heart. We humans are flawed with our emotions. Even if I am part of the Balance, not even the cosmos can save me from my human instincts. Do you understand what I am trying to say?’
‘I will be lying if I tell you that I understand completely.’
‘Sometimes, I wish you would lie to me Boon. It would probably make my life easier but then, what kind of life would I lead if all I hear are people agreeing with me and praising me every opportunity they can.’ Boon nodded in reply. He’s seen her look nonchalant when she is surrounded by royalty and other people of the kingdom. She is seldom seen in banquets that are held for victories. She preferred to go home to her family and have a quiet simple meal as they always do.
‘Boon, if I teach you how to take your own life, to prevent yourself from becoming one of the Chaos or being bound to one that will make you into one, will you not tell your mother?’ she asks simply.
‘I will not tell my mother, Domina. She will kill me and will surely never forgive me.’


‘Then, come and hop onto my hand so I may whisper it to you.’

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