The Family Stone (Chapter 34)

Alex doesn’t know how long they’ve been swiping these things onto the ground. Her arms are getting tired and she’s feeling even more exhausted.
‘This feels like a whole game of Monster Hunter on the Wii,’ she tells Boon as she swipes another on the ground. ‘Are they even dying? They haven’t stopped charging towards us.’
‘They are dying but there are many of them. We should run to the other side of that clearing.’ They run deeper into the forest, trying to dodge and kill as much Chaos as they need to. As they reach another clearing, the waited for the Chaos to catch up to them.
And waited.
‘Where are they?’ Alex asks, looking around her.
‘I don’t know.’ Boon replies, looking around his side. They are standing back to back, holding each other’s hand with one hand out ready to attack.
‘Is this some sacred ground? Because if it is we should stay here to rest,’ Alex suggests.
‘It’s too quiet.’
‘I hate quiet. Quiet leads to many things, some good but mostly bad.’
‘Do you hear that?’ Alex strains to hear what noise he means.
‘I hear nothing Boon. I can’t even hear the music,’ Alex says then she felt an odd tap sound under the ground. She immediately looks down and saw black soot starting to seep out of the ground. ‘Shit, its underneath!’ Alex and Boon looks like they were running on a fire pit. Blackness comes out of the ground and two of Vtl’s bugged eyed minions appeared before them.
‘Do you remember how many of these were sitting below her?’
‘There were three.’ Boon answers confidently.
‘Where’s the other one? Alex is looking around frantically, trying to find the other bug eyed minion, in case it does a surprise attack.
‘I can’t feel it. You can feel it if you concentrate a little bit Alex.’
Alex strains to feel her surroundings. She listens and watches carefully, and then she feels waves of sounds.
‘That’s a different feeling,’ she tells him, surprise at how quickly she got it. ‘These two are tapping and the other one is like an echoing beep. I actually feel like I’m in a submarine.’ Just as she says this, something sharp swipes in front of her. The minions have started attacking them.  
The minions were much faster than the first ones. Several times, it tried to separate Alex and Boon but they held on to each other’s hand.
‘We have to do something about them Boon.’ Alex says, dodging one of the minions’ sharp claws.
‘Use a tree!’ Boon says as he swipes the other minion away.
‘Are you friggin’ kidding me? Swat them like flies?’ Fark, I’ll try anything at this point!’ They run to narrow opening as quickly as they can. As the minions go through the same opening, Alex slams a tree towards it. One of them got most of the impact and it dissolves into thin air. The other gets away, hissing at them but is clearly hurt. Boon quickly swings another tree trunk to it as hard as he possibly can. It hit it squarely on its face and it falls back hard, dissolving into thin air.
Alex and Boon stood there looking at the tree trunks they swung at the creatures. They fall on the ground and start laughing in relief. They both look drained.
‘That was…tedious. Is it always like this?’ Alex asks jokingly.
‘Alex! Boon!’ a voice calls out to them.
‘…Mother?! What are you doing here?’
‘I was worried about you two! Why did you run off like that by yourselves?’
‘I apologize, mother. But we thought it was for the best. We didn’t want you to get hurt.’
‘I asked him for one favour!’ Alex hisses under her breath. ‘Where is Teg?’
‘They don’t know I came back for you both! We have no time to lose! We must get out of here! Over this way!’ They follow Terra to a smaller path out of the clearing.
‘I didn’t know Terra can run so quickly!’ Alex tells Boon, amazed by Terra’s agility.
‘Neither did I,’
‘What’s wrong?’
‘Something’s not right.’
‘Don’t be ridiculous, Boon! She’s your mother. She’s Terra. Maybe you just don’t remember coz you’ve been asleep for quite a while. Or maybe you’ve never seen her in action.’
‘Perhaps, I maybe a little paranoid’
They make a sharp turn and Terra exits through what looked like tall bushes. Alex didn’t have enough time to stop and slams onto the tree trunks that were covered in numerous vines. Boon goes through without any trouble.
‘Hell! Oooww.’ Alex is on the ground, struggling to get up as quickly as she can, feeling her arms for bruises.
‘Terra! Boon! Hello?!’ Alex goes in front of the vine covered enclosing and looks for an opening for her to get into.
‘Where the effin’ hell did they go?’ she swears under her breath. ‘Hello! I’m not exactly like you guys! I’m pretty solid, can’t go through walls!’ she shouts at the large tree trunk. She puts her ears onto the trunk and listens. She can’t hear anything because it’s pretty solid. She starts getting confused. ‘Why the hell did he let go of my hand? I don’t remember letting go of his hand,’ she says as she feels around the trunk. ‘I thought you can’t go so far from me, you liar!’ she shouts towards the top of the trees. ‘You come into the bathroom and tell me you can’t be so far…you are such a big pervert!’
She looks around, listening. The Chaos is still lurking around somewhere and she’s all by herself. How in the world is she going to do this, she thought. She puts up her arms, ready to take on whatever surprise attack is going to get to her. She can’t stay in one place but she doesn’t want to leave where she is standing either. Boon might come back, she thought. Or Terra might. Or Teg. Or Gwyn. But she doesn’t want to stay there either. What if they’re already out of Tylwyth Teg? What if they’re already in Annwn, she thought. ‘What stupid timing to get lost!’ she tells herself.
‘Domina! There you are!’ Alex is surprised to see Teg flying towards her.
‘Teg! Am I glad to see you! Boon and Terra went through that wall there, or tree trunk I don’t know what it is. And they left me here!’ she tells him exasperated.
‘They are making a run for it, Domina.’
‘What? What are you saying?’
‘I’m saying that Terra has finally unbound Boon from you and is taking him back.’
‘Can she do that?’
‘She certainly can, Domina. She is Terra.’
‘I guess that means, I’m free to go.’
‘Domina, I don’t know what to say. I didn’t expect them to leave you out. I thought they were better people.’
‘Me too Teg. Me too.’
‘I guess you don’t need the stone anymore, Domina. It’s useless.’
Alex stares at the bracelet then to the vines. ‘I’ll keep it anyway. For memories, you know.’
‘Oh, of course, Domina. I just thought I could take it so you won’t have any hostile sentiments.’
Alex looks at her wrists. They are still glowing and she can hear an echoing beep very close to her. ‘Tell me something. Teg. Since when did you start calling me Domina?’ Alex swipes her hand across her and Teg disappears.
‘I know you’re not Teg, asshole! You are not as smooth as the guy!’ Alex shouts around her.
‘Okay Alex, concentrate…concentrate…Boon can’t have gone. There is no way coz I can still feel him….somewhere,’ she tells herself.
Suddenly, she hears a choking sound and she sees Boon being choked by a dark hand hiding in a cloud of black smoke. Before Alex can react, she felt a hand grip her neck. She saw its forehead floating above the black smoke.
It was the third bug eyed minion.
Alex can feel she was being lifted off the ground. Boon looks like he’s on his last breath.
‘Farkin’…change now. Go back to being a glowing blanket!’ she struggles to say.
‘I can’t…’
Alex kicks the cloud below them but it was going through and she can feel it was completely amused at them.  She realizes that it stops lifting Boon up, much to her relief but she felt the grip to her neck tighten and she was being lifted up instead. Boon tries to kick it like she did but his legs were going through the black smoke.
He can feel Alex is losing her consciousness. He’s trying to speak to her but she is not responding. He can’t even think of a spell, let alone say it. It’s as if the minion cut off the functions of his throat and his mind. Alex becomes still and her neck becomes slack. Boon is trying to frantically free himself from the minion’s grip. He can feel tears on his face. Is this it, he thought. As he is about to give up, Alex’s tattoos starts to glow one by one. The one on her back, her wrist, her legs, and all the ones he saw that day.
She opens her eyes and instead of her eyes, they’re glowing with a bright light. The same thing that night when he saw Stella swallowing the stone. Boon watches Alex as she looks at the smoke of a hand gripping her neck. She opens her mouth and there was light in it too. The hand lets them both go abruptly. Boon crashes on the ground but Alex lands on her two feet. Her eyes and mouth are still aglow with bright light. She catches something with her two hands. She pulls the third minion out of thin air. It screeches in horror as it sees Alex. She shouts at it and the light dissolves the minion into thin air. Alex turns towards him and the light fades from her mouth and then her eyes. Her large eyes went back to its normal grey yellow colour. Boon runs towards her as she collapses.
‘Alex!’ he shouts, frantically. He is panicking. He should not panic, he reminds himself. He forces himself to concentrate and listen. Slowly, he can hear her normal heart rate. He feels relief wash over him.
Suddenly, he hears it. A loud THUD.


Vtl is coming for them.

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