The Family Stone (Chapter 33)

‘Fark this shit! She scares the fark out of me! Did you see that face?!’
‘Alex, how…can…you run…and talk…at the same time???’ Boon says, trying to catch his breath.
‘You’re a Libra, how can you get tired? I always talk on the phone when I’m jogging. Cardio is always good for you.’
‘What do we do, Boon? Where do we go?’ Alex stops running, looking around.
‘Do you want to go back to the cave?’
‘Hell no. I said we will fix this.’
‘Fark! Keep running.’
‘What marks do you have on your wrists?’ Boon asks as he notices it for the first time.
‘Those are a few of my first ones. They are called Lemurias.’
‘Those symbols were carved on Domina Stēlla’s staff’
‘What?! Stop kidding around, Boon.’
‘I am serious. I am not a child, Alex.’
Alex rolls her eyes at his reply.
‘What do I do, point my finger at them?’
‘Maybe, up to you. LOOK OUT!’ A large body of blackness was falling on them. Alex instinctively waved her hand across. It fell on the ground and it disintegrates.
‘HOLY SHIT! Did I do that?!’ Alex asks, looking back but not stopping to look closer.
‘Your lemuria markings are glowing.’ Boon says, panting.
Alex looks in surprise at her glowing wrists.
‘Oh man, this is so weird but so good!’
‘At least, it doesn’t hurt. Look out!’ Alex swerves two Chaos to her left and it disintegrates like the first one did. ‘If Vlt was a kid in the playground with me, I swear I will tell her she plays bad hide and seek!’
‘She would not like that – running is exhausting, flying is much better,’ Boon says, gasping for air.
‘Heeeyyy what the fark, that’s cheating!’ she shouts. ‘Boon, if I can do this, does that mean you can too?’ Boon looks at his wrists and he can see the glowing symbols on his own wrists.
‘If you wish Alex, it will be there,’ he tells her as he swipes a chaos down that was running towards them.
‘Those are nothing compared to what is coming for you, Balance.’ Vtl shouts.
Alex and Boon hear maniacal laughter from Vtl and her minions. Alex can feel more of those creatures are coming towards them.
‘I think we should not let go of each other hand.’ Boon says, ‘maybe we’ll generate more magical power,’
‘You’re right. Just in…’ Before Alex can completely agree, she realises that they are being cornered. ‘Boon…’
‘Alex?’ Boon replies cautiously as he watches the Chaos coming from all the corners.
‘I hope you remember how to fight. I had plenty of fights at school and occasional bar brawls…here they come!’
‘Give them time until they’re both exhausted.’ Vlt commands her minions. ‘Don’t take too long ripping them apart. I don’t like waiting.’ Her minions dissolve into liquid blackness and seeped into the ground. ‘Soon, they will be both mine.’ She laughs maniacally. 

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