The Family Stone (Chapter 32)

Alex and Boon walk, hand in hand, into a cave opening that leads out to Tylwyth Teg.
‘I wish we took his door knob’ Alex says to Boon.
‘You told him yourself that we couldn’t use it.’ Boon tells her.
‘Yes and now I’m regretting that we didn’t take him along. I am filthy, exhausted but not hungry, surprisingly – that will be good for my diet. But I do feel emotionally exhausted. I feel like I am going to puke shit out when I meet Vtl.’
They walk for quite a while in semi darkness. Alex dare not let go of Boon’s hand.
‘How do you kill the Chaos? With Stēlla?’ she finally asks. She felt too proud to ask in the beginning.
‘She had a staff made of rowan wood. She did not have beams of light coming out of it. I saw that in your television. It does not happen like that. There is a certain push in the air and they vaporize. They go back to the earth, cleansed.’
‘Does she have a spell that she says?’
‘No. She has her own ways. She’s not as showy. Perhaps the spells will come to you eventually.’
‘That’s comforting. I don’t understand why we can’t just talk it over? Give me a hint or two?’ she hints.
‘Our spells are not completely the same so I am not much of a help but I will try to guide you as much as I can.’
‘I wish we did target practice or something similar.’
‘Would it make any difference? It has not been a week since you had the mark.’
‘I suppose not, thank you for being honest. I wish you were more subtle but I guess I need more honesty than ever,’ Alex sighs. ‘You know, Vtl is beginning to sound more and more like a playground bully.’
The exit is not so far from them. Alex can hear a loud THUD and she knows they are there. Boon holds her hand tighter. They take a moment to look at each other, nod and walk towards the enemy lines.
A human figure is sitting sideways on the throne of the king of Tylwyth Teg. Her long legs are on top of the armrest. She is dressed in red and black, her legs look extra long which kind of reminds Alex of a spider. She looks savagely beautiful and quite bored. Three of her minions, are dressed in black and white and are sitting on the ground, crossed legged. They have marks on top of their foreheads, and are watching them with large insect eyes.
They stood there for quite some time, not moving. Alex did not know whether she should tell them they are there or introduce them, just to be polite.
‘Have you finally decided to give me the Libra?’ Vtl suddenly says. Her voice did not unsettle Alex; it just made her even more annoyed. ‘I am quite bored with trying to find you every time. It would be best for you if you just hand him over. It’s very easy. Libra, I don’t know what you are doing with that filthy human – they don’t even live that long and they get all wrinkly and poufy. But you know what, as a favour to you, girl, I will have you as my meal of the day, not that you’d be any delicious. ’ Her minions laugh at Alex.
‘Fark off bitch, I am delicious.’ Alex felt agitated.
‘Don’t give in to her mind games, Alex, she is trying to anger you. You will not be able to focus if you are not calm,’ Boon warns.
‘She called me poufy! Only my Dad called me poufy and that was the friggin’ third grade! That farkin’ bitch is trying to trap me?? I will kill her with kindness!’
‘I thought we’d get acquainted,’ Alex says at the sweetest way she can, gritting her teeth.
‘And for what?’ Vtl replies, still not looking at her.
‘Well, for starters I know your name.’
‘Nobody knows my name,’ she muses and her minions laugh along.
‘Vtl. Vtl is your name. What kind of name is Vtl? Did you choose that yourself? Alex tells her slowly, trying to get that word per word through her. Please be angry you biatch, she thought to herself.
Her minions grew quiet and suddenly terrified. Vtl turns to look at them. Alex saw that half of her face is just raw flesh, rotting away. ‘It’s best if you remember that is no longer my name. My name is Georgina.’
‘You are not pretty enough to be a Georgina,’ Alex hisses.


‘Silence! You think you can defeat me, human? Vtl hisses at Alex, she realizes that Vtl has a snake tongue. Vtl starts to laugh uncontrollably. Her minions start laughing along with her. ‘Look at you two, holding hands. You don’t even have a weapon, not even your modern weapons – what do you call them again? Oh right. Guns. What do you expect me to do? Cower when you tell me to run? So what if you know my name?’ she says angrily. She breathes out and closes her eyes. ‘What about we do this? Let’s have a game. I say run and you both try to hide. And they…’ she opens her eyes and points at her minions. ‘…will come to try and find you after I count to ten. When they do find you, they will rip you apart…you know, for fun.’ She laughs maniacally, and then said, ‘Run!’ Alex and Boon run as fast as their feet can take them. They run towards the enchanted forests of Tylwyth Teg. 

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