The Family Stone (Chapter 31)

‘How did you decide to track down Vtl in the space of less than three minutes?’ Teg asks, baffled.
‘I decided I wanted to kick her ass for being such a pain for centuries! Centuries, Teg! I don’t know anything about her. I don’t know how to defeat her, to be honest. I don’t even know what she looks like,’ Alex explains. ‘The only thing I know about her is that I’ve seen her ankles and she’s a farking psycho bitch.’
‘Why are you telling me this? We have to let them know too.’
‘We need you to distract them.’
‘You are both out of your mind. How can I distract an Empress-Queen and the King of Tylwyth Teg? You’re doing a Georgina and get yourself killed. I am going with you both.’
‘Teg, please. We need you to protect Terra, Tēllus and Gwyn. You are the only reasonable person we can think of.’
‘I think that bounty on my head will come back after this,’ he tells them, shaking his head from side to side. ‘Where are you headed first?’
‘We’re not sure yet.’
‘Do you need my door knob?’
‘You can be very tricky too, Teg,’ Alex says. ‘You think I don’t know that you are the only one who can use that?’
‘Unless you went through my bag, you would know of this.’
‘I admit I went through your bag. I was thisclose to wanting to go home. I had my period…’
‘Let’s not…speak of such…things.’ Teg says, indifferently.
‘We’ll be back as soon as we can, Teg.’
Teg sighs.
‘What was that?’ Gwyn says, feeling around him. ‘Teg, my loyal subject. Perhaps you can tell me what just happened or is happening.’ Teg is flying towards them.
Terra looks at both of them calmly. ‘It’s time. We cannot interfere with what will happen next. We will find out if balance will finally come back to this world. This is their first trial as a Balance. They must go through it alone.’ Terra tells them calmly.


‘Aye, I concur with the Empress-Queen,’ Teg sighs. ‘The only reason I am not rushing out of Annwn to help them is because of what Domina Stēlla told me…her last words after she sealed Boon to the stone and disappeared.  She floated into my view, like a dream and she whispered it clearly to my ear. I’ve never told anyone because I never thought I would ever see this day. She told me – she told me to trust Alexandria.’

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