The Family Stone (Chapter 29)

‘Queen-Empress Terra,’ Gwyn bows and so did everyone else in the court. ‘You look exquisite even after all these years. What an honour. What brings you to our kingdom with our mutual friends?’ he bows to them, one by one. He winks at Alex when no one else is looking. Alex rolls her eyes at him. ‘Please.’ Gwyn claps twice and a group of beautiful servants appeared before them and arranged the surroundings to accommodate them.
‘Gwyn Ap Nudd, king of the Tylwyth Teg and ruler of the Otherworld, Annwn, how does your kingdom fare?’
‘We are survivors, your majesty. We are coping as you can see. Drastic changes will certainly uproot us but we are still hopeful. I may be so bold to ask how the King fares?’
‘He is as always the optimistic sovereign. He can still feel that there is hope and there are still the few kind spirits that dwells in this world. I shall send him your regards. We did not have time to go back for him since we find ourselves with pressing matters.’
‘Which I assume will require of my services?’
‘Yes. It seems you have been itching to get back into action, Gwyn.’
‘I do not deny nor confirm it. I am not one for bloodshed but my people and I are itching to get back with Vtl. But this kingdom has always been your humble and respectful subjects. I will not dare go against your rules.’
‘I believe it’s about time we change some rules,’ Terra says, slowly. Gwyn holds his breath. Alex and Boon watches the King intently. Teg has his usual poker face.
‘I believe you need to reinstate a subject back to your kingdom. I believe there were a lot of misunderstandings.’
‘Indeed. At long last, I have the Warden back,’ he says enthusiastically. Teg didn’t look as enthusiastic to Alex. She hopes that he was alright. There must have things that happened a long time ago. Suddenly, she thought she heard small bells ringing. She is looking up at the direction of the where he bells could be ringing and when she looks back at Teg is wearing armour on his left arm. His right hand held a beautiful square plate of a shield with a crest, perhaps the kingdom’s on it. The armour on his arm is beautifully detailed with careful precision. She’s never seen anything like it in her life and she certainly think that she won’t be able to explain how it looks like if she ever tells anyone about it. The people cheered genuinely. They were welcoming their Warden back. Alex thought he must have been very popular as he told them but she always thought that he was just being a show off. He unsheathes a sword, which is half the size, but with even more beautiful writings on it. Teg held it up his head and bowed towards Terra and then to his King.
‘You look fucking cool!’ Alex says excitedly, giving Teg the thumbs up.
Teg rolls his eyes at her. ‘Permission to speak my King’
‘Very well.’
I am grateful that I have been reinstated back into the kingdom and that I have been pardoned of crimes that were just misunderstandings. However, I choose not to take back my position as the Warden.’ Alex is the only one that gasps out loud. She looks around her apologetically.
‘I believe the King has foreseen this too. I have chosen to fight alongside my friends. This was the very same decision I made more than six thousand years ago. I hope you understand, my King that I do not dare defy you but my heart is what I always follow. If you decide that you want me to be exiled once more, then so be it.’ No one said anything. Alex could hear the music playing in the background but everyone was not speaking. Did she fall deaf all of a sudden, she thought. Then she hears the ‘THUD’. Her heart started to race. She’s not aware of what is happening around her and all she knows is that it’s the Chaos.
And they’re inside Tylwyth Teg.
‘They always visit, if you are all wondering why I would rather fight than let them destroy my kingdom. Kingdom of Tylwyth Teg, set out of Annwn for now.’ As the king commands, one by one his subjects disappeared like a snap. Queen-Empress Terra, please hold on to me or Teg, we’re going to go under.’
‘Where or what is Annwn?’ she asks Boon.
It’s the Underworld.’ Boon replies.
‘Holy shit.’

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