The Family Stone (Chapter 28)

‘Where do we start, mother?’ Boon asks.
‘To be honest, I do not know,’ Terra admits to them. Alex, Boon and Teg exchange concerned looks. Surely she knows where to find the Gorgon sisters again and other friends she speak of, Alex thought to herself.
‘I have told you before children. I am not in my normal state anymore. I do not know where to find them.’
‘But didn’t you find the Gorgon sisters?’ Teg asks, now feeling quite doubtful.
‘I did. I used up my remaining powers and the very little power that I’ve regained back to look for them. I can still go through places without being detected but other than that I’m quite the useless old woman.’ She sighs. ‘Did you expect a lot from me?’
The trio look at each other before they nodded in unison at her.


‘I’m sorry. I wish I could…wait. I think know who can help you.’ Terra says, grinning at them.

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