The Family Stone (Chapter 26)

Alex wakes up with a start. She hears a voice. Or is it but very faint. It’s gone as soon as it hears it. She will have to let the guys know about this later and then her mind goes into overdrive.
‘Did I kiss Boon, omg! Why do I always do that when something bad happens and I always end up in an awkward relationship, or end up with some odd guy or don’t remember what the hell I said the next day. I should really control myself but if I do, I feel like I have control issues and that’s not very nice. And I don’t become very nice. Oh wait, I was thinking about what happened. Mehh… I shouldn’t have done that. Should I just apologize for being an ass? Or should I just ignore it but what if I have to bring it up coz he brings it up. No wait, Teg was in the room too, oh shit he’s going to tease me like hell!’
Alex looks up with a concerned Boon and Teg looking at her.
‘Are you alright?’ they say in unison.
‘Yes, I am thank you. Sorry if I made an ass of myself. I might have flipped a table or some chairs, threw a temper tantrum and such…’ she smiles at them. ‘I’m taking a shower.’
Alex realizes that they didn’t respond to her thoughts. As she made the cabinet box go back into its normal size, she wonders if she learnt how to control the telepathic thoughts. As she is showering, she thought that maybe she could test it out when she gets out of the shower. While she is preparing her things, she calls out Teg’s name but he doesn’t respond. She thought about Teg and calls out to him and he replies to her.
‘What is it?’ he asks her from across the room.
‘Oh nothing, just wanted to know if they rang the bell or if any of you did. It’s already past ten in the morning so I was just wondering,’
‘How do you know it’s ten in the morning? You don’t have a watch…’ Boon says to her.
‘You’re right…I just know. Actually, I knew what time it was when we first bonded. I didn’t think about it at all. Flippin’ awesome!’ she says as she makes a Freddie Mercury pose. She laughs nervously and shakes her head, looking embarrassed. ‘I hope you guys don’t think I’m not upset about Fortesque but I realize that knowing that he’s with Aunt Hera makes me feel much better.’
Boon and Teg nods at her in agreement. The bell rings and there is a knock on the door. The door opens and it is Martha, who doesn’t look like she had any sleep.
‘Miss Alex, breakfast is ready if you’d like to eat.’
‘Oh Martha!’ Alex runs towards her, hugging to comfort her. ‘Please do get some rest. We will be leaving the manor soon but we will be back, I promise.’
‘Where will you go?’ Martha asks as she wipes a tear from her face.
‘We will go find help.’ Alex tells her reassuringly.
After a hearty breakfast, Alex summons Martha and John to the reading room.
‘Martha, John, thank you both for looking after the household as efficiently as you’ve always done. Please see to it that Fortesque is buried next to Aunt Hera. I know they will both want that. I wish we could stay longer but we will come back. Please thank the rest of the household for their care. This will be my home from now on.’
‘Don’t worry about us, Miss Alex. We will take care of everything here. We shall prepare your arrival as soon as you let us know.’ Martha tells her as she pulls out a small bell in her pocket. ‘Please ring the bell once and we’ll be notified here.’
‘This is a cute touch! Since when did you have this?’
‘Since we can remember.’ Martha smiles.
‘I like this,’ Alex says, grinning, placing it carefully inside her pouch. Martha and John bows and left the room quietly.
‘Where to, Alex?’ Teg asks as he holds the doorknob in his hand.
‘To Dartmoor.’ Alex says and Teg stabs the wall of room.
Alex, Boon and Teg are standing near some ruins in the middle of the moors. Horses are running around from yonder.
‘What made you decide to come here, Alex?’ Boon asks.
‘While I was in the shower, I heard a voice that said Dartmoor. I remember Dartmoor is where my parents took me when I was sick. We came a long way, half way around the world. See that cottage up the hill? That’s where I stayed, if I remember correctly.’
‘Did they tell you that?’
‘No, but I can still feel the familiarity of the area. I know I was here, my parents don’t need to tell me.’ They walk towards the cottage, taking in the vast beautiful scenery. Alex is glad she’s wearing boots and wore a jacket. She didn’t think it was going to be this muddy though.
When they arrived at the cottage, it was empty but well kept. Alex went around another cottage, to a neighbour. She told them her name and they greeted her heartily. The Bryns, a friendly couple, kept the house for her parents, sending them money to look after it. They gave her the key and invited them over to dinner. Alex thanks them for the invite, letting them know that they are not staying for long.  When Alex opened the door, she immediately can feel the difference. There is nothing malicious about it but she can feel how frightened she was when she was a child. It’s as if the house itself is telling her the memories it held all this time.
‘So, what now?’ Teg asks, looking around the interior of the house.
‘We wait.’
‘For what?’ Boon asks this time.
‘For Terra.’

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