The Family Stone (Chapter 25)

The household is in mourning. Martha could not conceal her sadness but made preparations for Fortesque’s funeral. John, who turns out to be Martha’s son, looks crestfallen. John escorts Alex, Boon and Teg back to their room, as they requested. When Alex saw the corner of the curtain Teg cut off to make his clothes, it made her cry even more. She is so distraught that she feels her knees were wobbly and giving way. She did not realize she is falling until she feels Boon carrying her. She did not persist. She feels too weak. So many things happened for the past few weeks. And now, a sudden death – how unfair is life, she thought. Boon tucks her into bed and sits on the corner.

‘Boon?’ Alex calls, but not turning around.
‘Yes Alex?’
‘Could you please…just come here and hold me? Please?’
‘Yes, of course.’ Boon replies. He went to the bed, sitting next to her and holds her hand.
‘No, not like that – come in here with me. Lie with me.’
‘Y…yes, Alex.’ He lies down next to her and she hugs him. He did not know what to do. He lay there, next to her, like a log.’
‘Look at me,’ she tells him and when he looks down to look at her, she kisses him. Boon is shocked at the sensation but it did not stop him from flailing his arms about.
‘Somnus,’ a voice says from behind him. Alex falls asleep almost immediately. Boon did not know what to do, he is frozen in place.
‘Humans do that when they’re emotional. Sometimes it’s agood thing but not when it’s Alex.’ Teg says, ‘You should have seen it coming….unless you want it to happen.’ Teg teases.
‘Of course not! This is the first time I’ve been human, erm, and…what she did…’ Boon slowly leaves her side. ‘ was like she was intoxicated,’ he continues, ‘it’s so strange, the sensation.’
‘And it’s nice!’ Teg’s eyebrows go up and down, teasing Boon.
‘Shush! You will wake her! I hope she doesn’t remember it.’ Boon says, hoping.
‘I highly doubt – that she won’t!’ Teg laughs but stops when they hear Alex turn in bed. 

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