The Family Stone (Chapter 21)

‘How is this possible?’ she asks them as she washes her arm underneath the tap at the sink in the bathroom. She was grinding her teeth because it stings. ‘I was dreaming about…,’ she stops, looking back at Boon, ‘…sorry Boon but I was dreaming about your past.’ Boon nods but doesn’t look at her.
‘Perhaps it’s the manor? Maybe it is magia?’ Teg says, his hand on his chin, thinking.
‘I don’t feel anything sinister in the house, do you Boon?’ Alex asks as she looks at the fresh tattoo.’
‘No, I do not, Domina. But maybe it’s safer to ask Fortesque in the morning?’ Boon suggests. ‘Do you need me to heal it up a bit, Domina?’ Boon asks Alex as he watches her study the detail of the tattoo.
‘It should be fine. It doesn’t really hurt as much as my back! Now that really frickin’ hurts. I felt like my skin was being scrapped off!’ she tells them, shaking her head at the memory.  ‘And then just like that, it’s healed. It’s so odd. But really, I’ll be fine,’ she assures Boon, tapping him on the shoulder for a good measure. ‘It’s okay Boon. You know it is.’ She gives them a big smile. ‘I didn’t think I’d get a nice free tattoo out of this! Hahaha, I guess just as long as it’s not on my effin’ face,’ she stops laughing, realizing what she said may happen. ‘You know what was freaky? She swallowed the stone. This stone,’ she points at the stone on her wrist.
‘Maybe its how she spell locked everything, including the stone?’ Teg suggests.
‘Perhaps. All I’m saying is….how did she get it out again and how long was this in her stomach?’ Alex was wincing at the stone, looking disgusted at it, ‘You think she barfed it out, I’m just curious! There is nothing wrong with curiosity but still – very icky.’
Alex goes back to bed, Teg goes back to the day bed and Boon goes back to the armchair. They are pretty restless now and can barely close their eyes. Alex gets up. ‘Guys, are you awake?’
‘I can’t sleep.’
‘I am awake, Domina. I don’t sleep,’ Boon says as he stands up from the armchair. ‘What would you like to do?’
‘I can barely get a wink,’ Teg says, as he gets off the day bed, ‘Too much excitement just now.’
‘You guys, it’s not the first time I dreamt of Stēlla,’ she confides. ‘Come over here, sit here!’ she tells them, patting the mattress in front of her.
Boon and Teg sits at the end of the bed. Alex watches them, smiling. ‘Let me just tell you guys that this,’ she says pointing to Boon, Teg and herself, ‘feels like a sleepover! How long has it been since I had a genuine sleepover?’ Boon and Teg nods and smiles at her. She sighs, ‘Well, if you guys don’t know anything about that, this is it! Anyway, like I said, I dreamt about Stēlla before. This was after we got bonded, Teg went to get my cats and you were unconscious. I dreamt I was on a hunt, I think. I was on top of the trees, which I couldn’t believe because I’m afraid of effin’ heights! So, I remember hearing Boon speak and I told you to scout somewhere. Then, I see Teg and you looked so serious. You told me that the fields somewhere was clear and I told you to keep a look out behind me or something. That was also the first time I felt the waves. She closed her eyes and I got a peek of what she can feel and hear…I did wonder if it was too much for one person to bear. But I can’t forget the music, or if you can call it music. It was beautiful. And I saw you! I saw you as a chubby snow owl! So cute! Like a fat white cat!’ she giggles as Boon blushes. ‘But then,’ Alex says turning serious, ‘she said something about rescuing her brothers and sisters. What does that mean?’ she asks them, her face full of questions.


‘I believe we’ll find out later. Let’s hope it’s on the archives.’ Teg tells them. Alex and Boon nods in agreement.

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