The Family Stone (Chapter 20)

After an hour or two, the room is quieter. The room is filled with the light of the new moon and snoring from Alex and Teg, Boon’s eyes are closed but he’s awake, watching Alex’s colourful dreams of beautiful sunsets and the sea.
All of a sudden, the waves become harsh. Boon looks around him in the dream, wondering what’s going on. He sees an island and the next thing he knows, he’s in a cave. He’s watching himself suspended from the floor and then he gets bound to the ground. He’s watching his old life play out again. He knows Alex is dreaming about this, not him.
He cannot hear the words being exchanged but he knows the conversation well. He can see himself, begging and then he’s gone. He watches Stēlla standing in front of the empty symbol. In what seemed like forever, she collapses to the ground and he can tell she’s sobbing. She takes the black stone on the symbol, kisses it and then swallows it. This surprises and embarrasses him.  Why did she swallow the stone, he wonders. He tries to get closer but he couldn’t move from where he’s standing. Does she know I am here? Can she feel me, he thought. She stands up from where she is and takes off her top. Boon looks away but he must know what she did. She picks up a small knife from the fire and produces a bowl. She dips the knife to a black substance and proceeds to carve something to her left arm. She winces in pain but she continues carving her skin. Boon doesn’t know how long it took but he stood there, waiting for her to finish. Finally she lets go of the knife, placing it back next to the fire and stands up.
As she turns around, Boon realizes that she tattooed herself on her arm with the flower of life symbol. Her outline starts to glow, then her eyes and then her mouth, chanting something under her breath. Then everything goes white around her.
Boon opens his eyes wide. He can feel that Alex is in pain.
‘Domina?’ he calls out. This wakes up Teg as well.
‘What’s happened?’ he groggily asks as he turns and falls off the day bed. He sees Boon half runs towards the bed. He quickly flies towards the bed, not asking another question.
‘Domina? Are you alright?’ Boon asks. Teg is right beside him.
Alex is underneath the blankets. They can only see the top of her head; it looks like the blanket has a set of rainbow hair.


Alex slowly comes out of the blanket, groggily. ‘Ah man, this is painful. How the hell did this happen? I was dreaming and the next thing I know, shit man, that was effin’ trippy,’ she says as she sits up on the bed. ‘Does this mean I’m protected now too?’ She shows her left arm to Boon and Teg and they see that she’s got a fresh tattoo of the flower of life symbol. 

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