Summer Updates from the Ringmaster!

Winter is coming!

…and I can’t wait!

I hope everyone has been enjoying/reading/shaking their heads at the updates. I have been quite good for the past few months.

Anyway, :EPOCH Files is going through a break and fillers are being done by – yours truly. Yes, I can still hear agonizing screams from beyond the seas and the cosmos. It’s the only way I can help out Shen so she can enjoy her break as well – even a little – because she refuses to rest. (The only way to make her rest is perform the Vulcan grip on her. Serious shit.)
I am truly enjoying it and there are some people who find it very very funny. πŸ˜›
Only a few weeks left until Chapter 2 starts! πŸ™‚
I would always thank the people who follow our webcomic in Smackjeeves, DA and Tumblr.
A hearty, mighty hug!

While we were on a break from the webcomics, we completed Ink’d Well Comics new charity anthology, Fearsome Fables II & Gurukitty Studios‘ new sci-fi anthology!
We’re very grateful for the people/publishers who believed in our stories and for everyone who enjoyed our work.
Shen & I agreed that we’ll be holding off on doing any anthologies for about a few years. We’ve been planning on working on Howard & Edgar for quite some time and we believe the time is now!
We’re very excited about this because we’re going back to our macabre/horror genre roots which are our first loves! My father loves sci-fi. Working and writing :EPOCH Files was like a tribute to my Dad in a way. (He’s a Trekkie!)

Inking progress is not so bad. I haven’t been able to continuously work on it and I know I must, and I shall! If you guys dare me to ink something every day, I might just do it.

Photo blog, MashMeGoΒ is updated so do check it out if you guys have time.

RL duties and distractions (gaming time with the bros and a PS Vita!) have been crippling my art/comic/writing related schedules but then again, sometimes, that happens and we welcome them with open arms. But all is well in my side of life. I can’t complain. πŸ™‚

I am working on a properly drawn filler for :EF so stay tune on that! πŸ˜‰

Until next time! *tips hat*

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