The Family Stone (Chapter 17)

‘We don’t have evidence of that,’ Teg tells Boon. ‘It’s ridiculous!’
‘But it’s a possibility, Teg,’ Alex agrees with Boon. ‘Why else would she save me?’
‘All we have are theories. Don’t misunderstand. I do want to believe that Terra may be on our side but there are still a lot of unanswered questions.’
‘I suggest you go to the house, Alex,’ her Dad suggests. ‘Aunt Hera told me that everything you need to know is there. The place is spell locked. You should be able to go there without any trouble.’
‘I’m scared, Dad.’
‘Your mom & I are scared too. We have been afraid of this since Aunt Hera told me about our family’s secrets. But to think that the Libras stayed with us during the time that we needed them most, is heart-rending. I would do everything to protect everyone if I can too. You must be brave. Perhaps, deep inside you, you know that you are capable of greater things. Listen to your heart and trust Boon.’
Alex looks up at her father. His last words stirred something in her that she couldn’t understand. She heard the cosmos moved and the planets stir in unison for a moment. Maybe it was bravery or maybe it was Stēlla’s emotions echoing in her very soul.
‘Trust Boon.’
Alex gets up from her chair and crossed the room. She fumbles inside her pouch and pulls out the closet box. She places it on the floor in front of her. She looks back at where everyone is sitting. ‘One second, please.’
She pulls out her small Latin dictionary and looks through the pages.
‘Hey, isn’t that…?’ Teg asks, surprised to see the small box.
‘Yes it is,’ she answers without looking back, ‘I told you I was clever,’ she smiles. ‘Okay, let’s try this.’ Alex takes a deep breath and commands, ‘ARMĀRIUM*! She blinks and the cabinet box is back to its normal size or the size that she wants it to be. She looks at it for a while, dreading and waiting for any movement. When she heard meowing, she pulls the door open and her cats greet her happily. She feels so relieved. Thank you for magia, universe, she thought. The cats get out of the cabinets and stretches. They start bouncing towards Boon who happily greeted them.
‘Impressive Domina,’ Teg nods his head at her. Alex grins at him. Her parents are wide eyed in surprise at what they just saw her do and their mouths are open in shock.
‘Mom, Dad, I’m going to take a shower,’ she tells them. She shuffled through the contents of the cabinet box and went straight to the bathroom.
Alex is tired. She can feel it now. She peels off the dirty and sweaty clothes off and hops into the shower. She turns on the water and almost immediately starts shampooing her hair. Her hair seems to be glowing for the past few days. Maybe it’s one of the perks being a mage, glowing hair, she muses. She scrubs off the dirt off her body and once she’s done she let the water wash through her. How she misses this kind of peace. Suddenly, she realizes that her back is not hurting anymore. Is it because of the spell lock? Or when she visited Tylwyth Teg that it started not to hurt? She doesn’t remember. She reaches for her back and it seemed to be back to normal. She hears stirring behind the curtains. She thought the flat was spell locked, she asked herself. Eff it, she thought and opens the shower curtains.
Boon is standing with his back towards her.
‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE??????’ she shouts at him.
‘I…I’m sorry Domina. You move and…I move…I didn’t want to bother you…’ he stammers, embarrassed.
‘Shit Boon! I thought you were one of those mmfeecking Chaos minions,’ she feels relieved and quickly covers herself with a towel. ‘How far can I go without you being next to me?’
‘For now, not so far away,’ he admits. ‘It takes practice, I remember.’
‘So much for alone time,’ she shakes her head. ‘I think I know why she wanted you as an owl.’
She quickly puts on her clean, fresh clothes, not wanting the situation more awkward. She exits the bathroom and goes straight to where she left her parents and Teg. While she was gone, Teg went on to cook for her parents. A plate of hot food is waiting for her. ‘Teg, you know the way to this woman’s heart,’ she tells him as she watches her parents enjoy the food.
Not long after, everyone is quiet and settled with empty plates before them. ‘Mom, Dad, I’m going to stay the night and then leave in the morning.’
Her parents both nod. Her mother gets up from the chair and starts to clear the table. ‘Could you please take care of my cats? I’ll be back for them once this is over.’ Alex’s mom stops for a moment and nods in reply, still not saying a word.
‘Sure honey. We’ll take care of them,’ her father replies.
The evening passed quietly which was a relief to the trio.
It was past midnight when Alex’s parents decided to retire for the night. Alex takes Boon and Teg to her old room which doesn’t have many things because she took them all to her new place.
‘We should go when they’re asleep,’ she tells them as she looks out of her window. ‘I may do something crazy and just stay here.’
Boon and Teg look at each other, understanding her point of view.
After an hour, Alex starts to pack the miniature cabinet box in her bag, just in case, she thought. She checks for her Latin dictionary and cuddles her cats.
‘I’m ready,’ she tells them.
‘Where to, Domina,’ Teg asks as he pulls out the doorknob.
‘To Maison de la Mer,’ she commands.
Teg stabs the doorknob onto the wall and an outline of a great large door surrounded with ancient symbols of the flower of life appears before them. All of them were stared at the beautiful door.
‘That is beautiful,’ Alex finally says. Boon and Teg nod in agreement.
‘Let’s go before I change my mind,’ Alex tells them as she opens the door and goes through it, followed by Boon and Teg.
As the door disappears on the wall, a small sob can be heard from Alex’s parents’ room. Alex’s parents are still awake. Her mom is trying to muffle her crying and she is being comforted by her Dad. ‘She’ll be okay. She’s got Boon,’ he assures her as he hugs her tightly.


*ARMĀRIUM – armoire/cabinet

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