The Family Stone (Chapter 16)

‘Maybe it’s a coincidence, guys. It can’t be the same Terra,’ she says trying to assure Boon and Teg.
‘What are you talking about?’ Alex’s Dad is confused.
‘It’s a long story, Dad but I guess you both should know about this too.’
Alex relays what she knows about Boon, how they met, who his parents are, how he became a traitor and banished after helping their ancestors to save people from probable extinction, about the Chaos, how Stēlla broke their bonds and made him sleep to save him and what happened for the past few days.
‘Our family’s strange and fascinating,’ her Dad finally say.
‘Domina, if Terra saved you, there must be a logical explanation. She would know if you have Domina Stēlla’s soul essence.’
‘It is strange. Why would she let me live?’
‘Do you both remember what Gywn said about remembering the old woman?’ Teg asks them.
‘I didn’t really think about it. I thought maybe he knew that…wait! Didn’t he say he couldn’t kill the Chaos because as the king of Tylwyth Teg, he had to follow rules?’ Alex says, recalling the conversation.
‘It was rumoured that she created the Chaos out of spite because of the Libras’ betrayal for not leaving their bonds.’ Teg adds.
‘He could not kill a Chaos shadow because Terra created them. No one else can except…’ Boon looks at Alex, ‘you.’
‘Yes! That’s right!’ Teg says, clapping his hands together excitedly.
‘I told you that Domina Stēlla knew how to defeat them before, Domina.’
‘But I don’t know shit about those things.’
‘You know..,’ Alex’s mom interrupts. They all stop talking and focus their attention to her. ‘..when you were sick back then, I overheard a conversation one night after bringing the bathing utensils back to the bathroom. Hera was talking to Terra about the Chaos. I thought I was hearing things. I didn’t understand what they were talking about. Terra told her that it was the only way to make things right.’
‘Domina, Gywn did mention that he wanted to get the Chaos out of the way…but he mentioned treachery…’ Teg pauses to think, ‘I feel like I’m missing something…’


‘Domina,’ Boon stammers, ‘I think I know what is happening…I believe the Chaos is rebelling.’

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