The Family Stone (Chapter 10)

Alex still had her eyes closed. When she heard the wind and sea and felt the wind, she opens her eyes and she finds herself at the coast of somewhere. She is still on the ground and it was very dark. Her eyes adjust to the dark fairly quickly and she crawls to the nearest shade she could find to hide.
She is still holding the bracelet and tightens her grip on it.
‘Domina…I am sorry I am still weak,’ Boon is speaking in her mind, echoing. ‘I cannot protect you…just like I could not protect Domina Stēlla…’
Alex interrupts him, ‘Shut the hell up, Boon! Stop acting like an emo kid! You just saved me, what the hell are you on about?’
‘I…I cannot protect you more than I wanted to…please Domina…’
‘Will you stop it, Boon?! UUGHH! Tell me how to find Teg.’
‘Teg…I don’t know. I cannot teach you how to find him by magia.’
Alex is about to lash out on Boon again out of frustration, then she hears the loud THUD again.
‘Hand it over, child. You are not capable and unworthy of wielding the Balance’s power,a shadow hissed from not far from where Alex is hiding.
Alex, trying to stay very still, trying not to even breathe, is cursing in her head,
‘What do we do now, hot shot?’ she asks Boon in her head. She drops her gaze on her arm, the dangling bracelet with the large black stone, unreflecting but somehow moving.
‘We know you are here, child. Just hand the Libra and we will spare your life…including your parents and perhaps your friends…’
‘Don’t trust them, Domina,’ Boon says weakly.
This isn’t exactly the turn she expected her life would go.
‘Trust Boon.’
But she was determined to see this through.
‘Trust Boon.’
A flash of light surrounds her.
This time she will protect Boon, just as he protected her.
‘Trust Boon.’
She runs out of her hiding place, light surrounding the entire perimeter of the field. She has to focus on the words and she knows this is going to hurt right after.
* Tenebrae – darkness

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