May Updates from the Ringmaster!

How in the world is it May already? How fast is time flying?
High fives and hugs over cyberspace to everyone! 

I know, it’s not a good excuse to say this but I have been quite busy for the past two months. I have written two scripts for two upcoming anthologies and Shen, being the most awesome artist partner, is done with storyboarding them and we are already done going through them! I will let you guys know the names of the stories when all is said and done. 🙂

We are almost done with Chapter 1 of :EPOCH Files and since we are super packed with comic deadlines and RL responsibilities, I have volunteered to do the fillers while we are on a break! I can tell you all right now that I am the worst artist – I can ink/sketch if you ask me to but I can’t draw like Shen for shit. But hey, you never know! Someone might like my art – if you guys are into children’s drawings…but enough of my silliness! Do check out the comic when you guys have time and don’t have anything to read. Links are on the top page. 🙂

I have updated the blog with two new chapters on ‘The Family Stone’. I hope you are all enjoying it!

Til next time! *tips hat*


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