The Family Stone (Chapter 8)

Alex wakes up. It’s 11.26 am and she is still feeling sore. Fantastic, she thought. The first thing she checks is Boon. He still looks the same. Like a projection but the pulse is not as severe as last night. She feels a little relieved but she won’t be sure until she speaks to Teg. She manages to get up and sit on the bed. Was it possible to feel even sorer, she asks herself. She checks on her cats and they’re still asleep. Her eyes feel puffy and very dry. She feels like she was slammed against the wall, repeatedly, as she slept through the night.

She knows its morning but she’s not sure how she knows.

She whines to herself that she should not even be awake in her state.

The door opens slowly and she knows its Teg at the other side of the door. She realizes she wasn’t guessing, she actually knew it was him. She can smell the coffee and pancakes better now.

‘Teg, I could just kiss you,’ she tells him, her voice starchy. For a moment, she wanted to keep the starchy voice, she sounded sexy. Teg accepts the compliment graciously, bowing first then placing the bed tray in front of Alex.

‘I can’t even talk, Teg,’ she tells him, her voice, whiny but still trying to speak even if its hurting her.

‘You need bed rest and lots of food. You will recover Domina, not to worry.’

‘What about Boon? Did he wake up, even for a bit?’

‘Their kind doesn’t eat, Domina. And no, he has not woken.’

‘Well, how is he supposed to get well then? Ah, wait the stone!’ she concludes, looking around for the bracelet, turning as quickly as she possibly can. She feels like all her bones are going to crack and break if she makes any sudden moves.

‘He is in the stone right now, Domina. What you see is a sort of projection. He is not ready yet.’

‘How are we going to move then? You told me last night that we had to keep moving.’

‘Please Domina, eat your breakfast. And to answer your questions, yes we can move and as long as you are there, he will be able to move around.’

A dreaded thought flashes in her mind.

‘Last night, did I bind myself and Boon together? I don’t understand how it’s possible without blood. Not that I know anything about it. All I know is that if you want to perform some ritual or cast some powerful spell, hexing, cursing or binding. I didn’t use my blood. I don’t think Boon has any.’ Alex doesn’t know how she knows these. It’s as if she knows about it and filed it somewhere in her brain for later use.

‘I’m cannot be certain about what happened last night, Domina. I don’t have all the answers but perhaps my king will be able to help you…if he doesn’t behead me first.’

‘Heh? Why would he try to kill you?’Alex starts to eat slowly, unable to control herself.

‘Because I am aiding an exile and not just a random exiled citizen, he’s a Libra too.’

‘Why do you guys make it sound like he’s such a bad guy? Did he lose his memory? Was he worse than before?’ Teg kept silent, not because he didn’t want to answer any of the questions but he didn’t have any answers to them.

‘I’m sorry Teg. I’m just grumpy and sore all over. Also, quick question! Could you please let me know where the toilet is? I feel like I’m going to burst.’

Teg helps levitates her off the bed.

‘I think I can walk, Teg. Please let me try.’ Teg lets her down to the floor, slowly. Her knees gave way for a second or two but she manages to stand up. Teg directed her towards another room at the end of the corridor. There aren’t many rooms in the hallway and she can already imagine how large the rooms are inside. The ceiling designs are magnificent and the walls are carved. She’s never seen such interiors in her life. Teg waves a hand and the door to the bathroom slowly opens. Alex gasped at the beautiful design of the bathroom and the fact that it was more than half the size of her flat. Teg tells her that he will wait outside and Alex slowly shuffled into the toilet. She feels as slow as a snail.

Alex was in the toilet for a mere two minutes when she opened the door, with a wild look on her face.

‘Oh my god, I know what happened,’ she stammers.’

‘What happened?’ Teg stares at her, waiting.

‘You know…’

‘Know what?’ Teg is confused about what he is supposed to know. He wonders if he misses anything she said earlier.

‘You know…that thing…’

‘Domina, you can tell me, we’re both grown-ups here, I’m sure I can handle a word or two and there will be a solution.’

He doesn’t feel so confident. He’s also hoping she doesn’t go mad.

‘This is going to sound embarrassing and weird but…but I got my period…! There I said it!’ Alex looks helplessly at Teg.

‘Your period?’ Teg is visibly confused, wondering if she means a period in time, a period in one’s life, he can’t be sure. He wishes that Boon was here. He would know since he knows absolutely everything,

‘Yes, Teg! I read that the most powerful blood magia binding is when women use menses.’ she says embarrassed, face palming herself. ‘I screwed up.’

Teg’s face remains poker faced. He’s not sure if showing her his feelings is any good but she certainly knows about magia. ‘Yes, you are correct about that Domina about the…er, ‘period’. I shall look into this further.’


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