The Family Stone (Chapter 7)

Alex is hiding. She is on top of one of the trees, hiding inside the large hole, watching any movement. She is exhausted but she must stay alert. A voice starts to speak in her mind. She calmly told him to scout at the other side of the woods. Teg flies in at where she was and told her that the lower fields are clear. She asks Teg to keep an eye out while Boon is scouting. She closes her eyes and almost immediately, she dreams about magia, glorious skies, the stars, the planets and she can hear the waves of the cosmos flow. She doesn’t know how to explain how it is; all she knows is that it sounds like beautiful music she’s never heard of before. Teg wakes her. As she opens her eyes, she sees a snowy owl going towards the entrance and lands.

‘Domina,’ it bows, ‘What did you see?’
‘All I know is that we must hurry. We must try and rescue our brothers and sisters.’
‘Yes Domina Stēlla.’ Boon and Teg say in unison.
Alex wakes up with a start. She’s covered in sweat, her body aches and her back feels like its burnt raw. She could not move as much as she’d like. She lifts her head up, trying to study her surroundings.
She’s definitely not in her flat. She winces painfully and she can barely move.
She sees Boon, floating above the floor to her right, merely visible. She stares at him and wonder if her eyesight had failed her. It looks like he’s just a projection and there’s a faint pulsing sound.
Someone opens the door. Alex instinctively pretends to sleep. But her head shot up again when she hears meowing coming in from the opened door.
‘Oh my babies! You all are going to be the death of me!’ Alex feeling clearly relieved. She struggles to get up. As she gets off the bed, she falls off. Expecting to hit the floor, she had her eyes closed and was bracing for the cold hard floor to hit her. She realizes that her fall stopped and found herself being lowered slowly on to the floor. Her cats ran towards her. She still couldn’t move but she manages to cuddle her cats. ‘Mommy was so worried. I promise that I wasn’t going to let them hurt you.’ She gives Teg a look of appreciation, tears in her eyes. ‘Thank you, Teg, I don’t know what would happen to me if we didn’t go back. I nursed these four back to health so you have to understand how motherly I am to these kittens.’ Teg bows to her.
‘If you have anyone to thank, it is Boon. He had them protected as he told us earlier. How are you alright Domina?’ Teg asks concerned. ‘You shouldn’t get up at all.’
‘No, I am not but…’ Alex points to Boon, ‘What happened to him? It feels like his spirit wave is shrinking.’
‘Ah Domina, can you feel the waves now?’
‘No, not really,’ she admits, ‘but looking at him like that, I can’t help but feel the ripples…it’s strange.’
‘Your ancestor is the great mage Stēlla, child of the cosmos. And you are Alexandria Grainne, a normal modern girl, trying to get by – if you wanted to add some dramatic effect,’ he chuckles at his own joke. He clears his throat as he notices Alex not looking as humorous. ‘To be honest, we still don’t understand it either. Chances of families looking the same are not slim. It happens but there’s a power that is growing in you. If you can feel the slight shifting of the cosmos, then you are just in the beginning of your journey.’
‘I am not pretending to know anything better. I’m very confused Teg. As much as I feel like shit, wanting to kill those things that went into my new flat, I can’t. I don’t know jack about this. You can both tell me all the stories you have but I still won’t be able to do anything to help. I don’t know anything…but…but I think I did hurt him though, didn’t I, Teg?’ Alex looks at where Boon’s lying down, ‘What can I do about him? Is there anything I am able to do?’
‘Yes there is something,’ Teg recalls, thinking hard, ‘You can rest. Please Domina. You both will need time to recover. I will also have to find another place for us to move.’
Alex did not want to argue nor was she in the mood to do anything. She feels like she won’t be able to move in a long long time. Teg elevated her back to bed.
‘You know Teg, you have surprisingly strong magia for a fairy despite your size…and that you’re a fairy.’ Alex is impressed by how cool Teg seems through all this and appreciates it.
‘I have my good days.’ Teg winks at her as he tries to make her comfortable.
‘By the way, where are we?’ Alex realizes she cannot hear any sort of wind, see any sunshine but she can hear water and plenty of faint rumbling.
‘We’re pretty far off from where those things can find us. Welcome to my home. We can leave the kittens here because I have Nalies servus looking after them..
‘What’s that?’ Alex interrupts.
‘My servants, I’d like to call them my ‘housekeepers’. It’s classier,’ he shrugs. ‘Anyway, as I was saying, you wouldn’t want to make a Naly angry,’ he concludes. ‘I wish I could relieve you of your pain, Domina but it will heal itself once your body, spirit and mind is in sync together. I must leave you and Boon for a short time to attend to another matter. Please have some rest, Domina.’
Alex closes her eyes and nods in agreement.
Teg checks on Boon, the cats come up to the bed and made themselves comfortable on the corner of Alex’s feet.
Alex can feel sleep coming. Her mind is littered with questions and a faint hope that she would wake up, finding herself back in her own bed. The usual routine she always quietly complains about. She hates routines but she is willing to go back to that than this. She is scared but assured. She hears the noise of the closing door and she let herself fall into the pool of unconsciousness.

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