March Updates from the Ringmaster!

Aloha, everyone! 
As you can all see, I’ve been posting my NaNoWriMo entry from 2012. It is not an excuse not to write! Many of my friends teased that I am using this to give myself a break from all the writing I need to do!
Right now, Shen & I are going to do two upcoming anthologies! More on that later on when we’ve confirmed details and such. We are super excited about it!

Also, we are on the running for Best Action Comic Award in SmackJeeves for :EPOCH Files! I do not know how many times we read the email all over and over again. We are very humbled by the nomination. 
Do check out our comic, there are links on the top page! 🙂

I have been inking as well! I do better with traditional stuff since I had a really good teacher! My Dad is a closet artist and he has been teaching me painting and sketching since I was a kid. I’m still not sure who is the writer in my family but I know my ancestor is a diarist! They still have her diaries and one day, I do hope that I get to read it. My family has a very colourful past so there are many times that I do get my stories from there and of course, there are my weird and wonderful dreams and my fascination with everything. Some people may think I am too curious for my own good. 

I have some pictures of my inking progress. Shen’s posted it on her blog already but I will get around posting  more later on.  

And that is all from me! Til next time, children!


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