The Family Stone (Chapter 6)

Alex is sitting on the floor, staring at the wall they just went through, trying to make sense of what just happened. Boon and Teg stood behind her, silent.
‘Effin’ take me back.’
‘I can’t Domina*, they will kill you.’ Boon slowly walks towards her but hesitates.
‘My cats are still there.’
‘They will not be harmed because they do not need them. I have cast a spell that would protect them,’ he assures her.
‘You are not listening to me,’ Alex stands up and she faces them. She looked directly at Boon. ‘Take me back. NOW!’
Teg was taken aback by the sudden screams of Boon and Alex. Alex looks like she was stabbed in the back and Boon looks as if he was stabbed on the chest. ‘The hell’s…happening?? What you do…TO ME?’ She looks at Boon with wild, unbelieving eyes.
‘Domina, I believe you need to calm down and rest.’ Teg looks calm but he is unsure of what to do. He is not familiar of the ritual and what’s going on but he can only think of one thing. ‘You and Boon are going to be hurting for a few hours.’ Teg calmly tells her as he helps her.
‘Wut…ahh…wut did he do to me… tell…me…!’ She was struggling even with Teg’s help.
‘He didn’t do anything to you, Domina*,’ he assures her. ‘In fact, you’re the one that’s hurting him.’ They both look at a pulsing Boon, struggling on his own.
‘Domina…domina*!’ Boon is convulsing. Alex is in too much pain herself to care.

‘What kind of…uughhh, hell is this? Fu.., it hurts so effin’….shiitt! How – me hurt him??’ She falls on her knees and visibly shaking. She tries to get up but falls flat on the floor, passing out.

*Domina – mistress

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