The Family Stone (Chapter 5)

‘We are not bonded, Teg. She only just saw me last night,’ Boon explains to Teg as he takes back his doorknob from the wall.
‘You could not have bonded if you did not have the ritual, correct?’ Teg asks no one in particular, indirectly questioning the Libra.
‘My exact thoughts!’ he says exasperated.
‘She must have something that bonds you to her.’ Teg says, ‘We have to think about our predicament carefully.’
‘Perhaps the stone binds me to her?’
‘No, it can’t be the stone. The stone is where you regenerate, or sleep when you need to – not that you need any more sleep,’ Teg teases, pointing at Boon. Boon looks at him, not amused.
Alexandria’s door flew open. She looks groggy and she’s only in her underwear. Her body has tattoos everywhere but the way she dresses covers up most of it. She does not notice them and goes straight to the bathroom. She has her back in front of them as she flicks the light switch on.
They both gasp.
‘Oh – no,’ Teg says slowly.
‘She’s got…,’ Boon points to Alex, getting up too quickly, the chair falls.
She’s got a large tattoo on her back.
‘Shit, what the eff?’ Alex says surveying the mess, ‘Oh shit!’ she exclaims when she hears the falling chair, covering herself with her hands, ‘I’m sorry. I forget that someone is here.’ She runs back to her room and slams the door. ‘Sorry!’ she says again, her voice muffled by the closed door. Boon and Teg was still staring at the closed door.
‘It’s the same symbol that Stēlla drew on the cave floor.’ Boon recalls, looking at Teg confused, ‘Why does she have it on her body?’
‘I guess you have to ask her,’ Teg says playfully. Boon looks back, sees Alex in front of her door, mouth agape then closes the door as quickly as she opened it.
‘I can explain, Domina,’ Boon pleads. He goes towards the closed room and puts his ear on the door.
‘Who is that dwarf??’
‘I’m a fairy!’ Teg retorts.
‘Domina*, he’s one of the few of my trusted friends. He came here, thinking of taking me away but I can’t leave.’
There was a pause on the other side of the door and Boon listens.
‘You were leaving?’ there was a shuffling inside the room. Alex opens the door suddenly, surprising Boon.
Alex punches Boon, square in the face. Boon falls straight to the floor.
‘Oww…I hope that hurts you!’ she says as she cups and shakes her sore fist.
‘I understand why you hit me, Domina*. I am so sorry for intruding,’ he says to her, while he has one hand on his sore cheek.
‘Hahaha! Now you know how it feels to hurt,’ Teg cheers as he watches the commotion, ‘The only missing thing is popcorn!’
‘Your friend thinks he’s funny,’ Alex tells Boon, who is still on the floor.
‘Domina*, your back…’
‘Now is not the time to talk about that…’ Alex warns.
‘Compungere…,’ Boon says. He gets up and shoots Teg a look, ‘what is the English meaning of that?’
‘He means ‘tattoo’, Domina,’ Teg informs Alex politely.
‘You’re a fairy?’ Alex asks Teg.
‘Indeed, I am. My clan are called the Tylwyth Teg – that would explain my name. And don’t be fooled by the exterior, I am quite the charmer,’ he tells her, smiling.
‘Charmed, sure I am. Wait, why are we talking about my tattoos?’
‘When did you get the tattoo on your back, Domina*?’ asks Boon
‘Do I really have to?’ she asks exasperated, ‘Fine. I got it on my eighteenth birthday. I love symbols so I got that one.’
‘Where did you get the design for it, Domina*?’ asks Teg this time, intrigued.
‘It was mine. I made it.’
Boon and Teg, look at each other, wide-eyed.
‘Now, it’s my turn to ask questions. Where were you going?’
‘I was keeping you safe, Domina*,’ Boon begins.
‘Safe? From what?’
‘Allow me to explain, Domina*,’ Teg offers, bowing, ‘Please sit and let me serve you breakfast.’
Alex’s stomach growls, ‘If you poison me, I will terrorize you for all eternity,’ she warns him.
‘Domina*, you will not regret being served breakfast by a fairy,’ he winks, skipping to the kitchen with delight.
Alex crosses the room and sat on the chair, followed by Boon.
‘Maybe it’s not good being in this form,’ Boon mumbles, as he sits down on the chair opposite Alex.
Suddenly, Teg floats, and then flies around as he starts to search in the cupboards while Alex looks on with her mouth open wide.
‘This has been quite an eventful few hours,’ Alex declares as she watches Teg float around the kitchen. ‘I seriously have no idea why I am okay with all of this…this whole thing,’ she mutters, putting both her hands on her face.
‘Perhaps you have seen it before?’ Teg answers as he starts to direct her spatula to the heated pan. He places a hot cup of coffee in front of Alex, bows and continues with his cooking.
‘No, it can’t be. I had a completely normal life before this guy appeared.’ The smell of the coffee captivated Alex, paying attention to the aroma of the coffee before her.
She drinks from the cup and she chokes.
‘What the hell is in this coffee?’ she asks, exasperated.
‘Just what you had in here, Domina*,’ Teg assures her, not stopping his cooking.
‘It’s effin’ delicious!’ she exclaims. Alex takes another sip. Slowly. ‘But before I get derailed, poisoned or possibly turned into a common farm animal, I need an explanation.’
Teg places a plate of sausages, ham & eggs with toast. ‘Bon appétit!’
‘That was quick, and how did you know how I liked my eggs?’
‘It my thing. The ladies love it,’ Teg hints playfully. ‘As we were discussing, I was about to take Boon somewhere else. Far from here.’ Alex starts to eat and swooned over mouthfuls of food.
‘To another time?’ she muses, chuckling and stops when she realized she was being quite silly, ‘Sorry.’
‘It doesn’t work like that,’ Teg chuckles. ‘Humans,’ he whispers to Boon who grins. ‘There was a shadow in your bathroom mirror. Boon claims that it may have been here before he got here. It’s a minor shadow, probably a lost ghost of a pervert.’ Alex almost chokes on her food.
‘Ewww. That would have stopped me from eating my food but tough luck for me coz this is amazing,’ she confides as she continued eating and signals him to continue speaking.
‘Boon here, being the ‘protector’ that he always is, decides to cast it out. That’s a good thing because it’s obviously not supposed to be there. The problem is that Boon used his power. Very minor spell but it still creates a shift in the waves. You have to understand that his kind was exiled a long time ago.’
‘Yes, he told me about his misadventures.’
‘After thousands of years, we barely know who or what the Chaos is. They appeared and disappeared as they pleased. Creatures like us didn’t stand a chance against them. We suspect that they may be secretly Terra’s minions but we don’t have proof. Except that they went after the remaining Libras.’ Teg notice Alex’s plate was empty and smiled. He still got it. It’s been a long time since he cooked for a human.
Alex gets up from her chair and goes towards the bookcase nearby. She just remembered that she has a Latin dictionary stashed somewhere. She’s had it with Boon speaking a language she does not understand. She searches the spines, easily finding it and goes back to sit on the chair. Boon and Teg looks confusingly at the book. ‘Carry on,’ she demands.
‘Domina,’ Teg continues, ‘that symbol on your back is the very same one that your ancestor drew when she tore, pardon me old friend from saying this, their bond,’ pointing to Boon. ‘Now, we have reason to believe that you are bonded with Boon as well.’
‘What? What nonsense is this? Don’t you need to use blood or something like that they show in the movies? Or some prayer ritual?’
‘Just symbols and a connection is needed, Domina*. Believe me when I say that I’d like to talk about this more with you but Boon here believes that your life is in danger if he stays here with you. The current problem is that he is ‘stuck’ with you because of that symbol. But perhaps, we can remedy this by getting him back inside the stone.’
‘The stone,’ Alex realizes, gets up and half runs to the coffee table to retrieve the trick box. She returns to them, holding the box in front of them, ‘if I get this box open and the stone is here, does this mean I’m off the hook and you both can run away together?’
‘It may just work,’
Alex turns the box, slides two panels, pushed another panel down and pushed the other up at the same time. There was a click and it opens.
‘How did you do that?’ Boon asks, amazed at how quick that took her to open it.
‘Meh, I had a dream about it. I must have been thinking about it too much,’ she tells him. Teg raises an eyebrow at this but did not say anything.
Alex peers in the box and put her hand in.
‘AHHHHHH!!!’ she screams and it takes both Boon and Teg by surprise. Alex starts giggling and puts up her hand. ‘Hahahahhaa! Sorry, bad joke. I’m kidding. You should have seen the look on your faces. That was effin’ priceless.’ Boon and Teg looked at each other, clearly annoyed and shaken. Alex pulls out a bracelet with a large fitted black stone. ‘See, I still got my hand. Is this it?’
Alex noticed Boon staring at the stone and she does not know why she feels bad for him.
‘So, how do you get back in here then?’
Just as she asked the question, Boon gets up all of a sudden.
‘DEFENDERE*!!!’ he commands, pointing to the room. ‘RUN!’ he shouts as he turns his attention back to them.
Teg pulls out the doorknob from his bag, sticks it into the wall and quickly pulls it open. Boon pulls Alex’s hand, running towards the door. Alex manages to grab the dictionary and the stone with her. Just as Teg closes the door, Alex saw darkness seeping it the house from the windows.
*Domina – mistress

*Defendere – defend

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