The Family Stone (Chapter 3)

He does not reveal himself to Alex. Perhaps, it is because there were too many strange and wonderful things to learn about in that small space she calls home. The kittens and their adopted mother delight him. He has never seen cats with such short, stubby legs.
He can feel a strange but familiar energy around him. He suspects that this energy is one of the reasons why he can manage to get around without being ‘summoned’. 
He hides where she can’t see him. He watches her cuddle the cats and how good she is with them. He thought of a woman in his past, how good she was with all the animals she encountered. Even the dragons listened to her when she commanded them. He felt embarrassed how she sometimes walks around with very little clothes. When she leaves the flat, it was his turn to cuddle the cats and talk to them. They were quite a chatty kindle. They told him how she rescued them. They remember being very hungry and very cold. They feel very lucky. Their adoptive mother tells them to go play and not to bother the nice floating blanket too much.
Boon goes towards a standing lamp by the front door. He touches it and it lights up. He quickly pulls away his finger from the bulb and it goes off. Interesting, he thought. He follows the wire connected to it and he stops at the sockets. He touches it and the electricity surged through him in surprise.
‘That was some…he listens, watching the electricity go through him, ‘’ He goes towards the TV. He touches the corner of the screen and it switches on, much to his surprise. He got so scared that he flew back and hides behind the sofa. There are people inside that black box, he thought nervously. It’s been centuries since he had to rescue anyone. He slowly peers at where the TV is. He sees that people are dancing and laughing inside the box. He wonders if they are happy being inside the large, black box.
He slowly goes towards the TV, watching whatever was on the screen. Boon takes in information that is given to him, floating in front of the television, mesmerized.
On the second week of hiding from Alex, he learnt how to enjoy watching television, surf the Internet by watching Alex every night when she does, enjoy the day become night and vice versa. He learnt that all is not peaceful in the world. Wars are still raging and there are more human beings in this planet. But where he is now is good. This is peaceful, he thought.
Just as he settles at this thought, he senses an old danger. He shot a look towards the bathroom door. Ariel informs him about the presence inside the bathroom they felt once in a while. The kittens are brave and are hissing in unison at the door. Boon wades towards the door and slowly opens the door.
It creaks as it opens.
He sees the shadow hiding inside the mirror.
Alex is walking home, tired from work and just wants to go to sleep. No dinner or she will regret sleeping with a full stomach. She opens her front door and she hears –
‘LUMEN*!’ he commands and a shot of light burst in the bathroom, a scream can be heard from the other side of the mirror and it evaporates. The mirror starts to crack and it shatters to pieces.
Alex runs towards the sound of the voice, picking up a large umbrella on the side on the way.
‘OH MY GOD! What the hell…!’ Alex sees the floating blanket in her bathroom. She sees her bathroom mirror on the floor. The floating blanket sways around, facing her now. Her eyes felt like it was going to pop out of her eye sockets. She is feeling a surge of different emotions all at the same time that she suddenly feels numb.
‘Please, do not be afraid, Domina*. My name is Boon,’ he tells her.
Boon stares at Alex who looks like a statue, pale and silent.
Then she falls on the floor.
Boon flew towards her and realizes that she just passed out.
‘It was a better reaction than I expected…’ he tells the cats. The cats meow in unison.
Alex is dreaming. She’s dreaming about opening the door of her house – pause. The shot of light from her bathroom – pause. Someone shouting something – pause. She runs in her flat, everything is slow – pause. A transparent blanket with holes as eyes, looking at her – pause.
‘My name is Boon…’ it says and flashes of the envelopes, letters, the trick box and suddenly she is at a large property, in an open field and there’s a humungous gate that goes up the hill and it looks like it forms a ring – it goes back to the letter which says, ‘Trust Boon.’
Alex wakes up with a start; she’s looks around her, gets up and drags herself back to the nearest wall. She notices she still has her bag with her. She opens it, fishes inside her bag and pulls out a pepper spray can. She uses her bag as a shield.
She looks around. Silence in her flat except for the usual traffic outside. She wonders if she dreamt it all. She thought that this is stupid. She decides to be quiet and crawl to the other side of the room. Quietly. She crawls to the sofa’s side and peeks out. She sees the floating blanket. She quickly hides behind the sofa.
‘Shit, shit, shit,’ she thought then she pauses, she peeks out again from the sofa.
Her cats are playing with it. What kind of voodoo is this, she thought.
‘Domina*, I hope you are feeling better…’ it suddenly speaks. Alex yelps and hides behind the sofa.
‘Don’t come closer, you…you thing! I have spray! Pepper! It will hurt you!’ she threatens.
‘Please, Domina*…’ it pleads.
‘My name is not Domina*! Why do you keep calling me that?’
‘Oh yes,’ it says, as if it remembers something important. Alex hears shuffling from the cats and she instinctively crawls back to where she was by the wall.
‘It’s Latin; it means ‘mistress’, ah, would you like me to look different? Because it seems my look is quite outdated in preference.’
Alex feels suspicious but intrigued, ‘What do you mean look different? You mean physically?’
‘Yes. I can change to look human so you won’t feel too frightened of me.’ Alex heard a soft sound of wind blowing through leaves, and then she hears footsteps. She was about to put up her can when a naked man steps out from the sofa and stood right in front of her.
‘Is this better for you, Domina*?’ he asks, looking for approval.
Alex drops her pepper spray can.
‘I apologize, Domina* for the, er, indecent and accidental exposure,’ Boon says to her, bowing to her while he’s kneeling on the floor. He’s now wearing her favourite cat patterned pyjamas.
‘Stop it now,’ she says blushing, making a sandwich, her back facing him, ‘you didn’t know.’
She sits on the nearest chair; place her sandwich in front of her and her favourite knife. She still wasn’t sure about this guy, or whatever he is. ‘Sit and explain.’
Boon sits opposite her. Alex tries not to blush and busies herself with her sandwich.
‘There was something watching you in the bathroom mirror,’
Alex almost chokes on a piece of sandwich, coughing. ‘What?’
‘Your cats told me…’
‘My cats? You have got to be kidding me…’ and as if on cue, the kittens jumps on the table and sits next to him. She sighs loudly, still chewing, ‘Go on…’
‘Your cats told me that they’ve felt its presence once in a while, I managed to hunt it down easily and kill it. It won’t bother you again.’ Alex knows he is telling the truth. She cannot explain it. Either she’s going nuts or it’s a huge prank – and if it is, she’s going to kill that person. Slowly. Alex gets up from her chair and picks up her bag from the floor. She sits back on her chair and fishes out a fresh pack of cigarettes. She lights one up and inhaled deeply.
‘Tell me something dude, who the fark are you?’
‘I’m Boon.’
‘The same ‘Boon’ that I got letters about…what kind of fool do you think I am?’
‘I assure you, Domina*…’
‘Who hired you? What kind of prank is this? Is this a TV show coz I’m not amused…’
‘You inherited me.’
‘Did you send the letters?’ Alex asked slowly.
‘No. I have been asleep, Domina*. My previous…Domina*, kept me alive all these time. She is your ancestor.’
‘Wait…what, hold up, buddy. This conversation is getting too long, complicated and pointless. If you are what you really are, then tell me what you remember from the very beginning; not when you woke up to this present day. I’m talking about the day you were born. Speak.’
Boon looks down on the table and sighs.
They called us ‘Libra’, or in English, ‘Balance’ – but that is what they call us when we have bonded with a human. We have been around since Tellūs, Earth to your people, was born, who is our father. Terra is our mother, the one you call Mother Nature and we are the result of that union. We are the balance in everything, Light, Dark, Growth and Decay, whatever you can think of.
It was simple in the beginning. It was beautiful.
For the next four thousand years, we fought wars with them, even killing our own kind to protect our human. Our purpose of order became secondary. Many of my people, drifted and died, letting the wind carry them off or being one with the sea. If you hear an echo, it’s a memory of one of my people. If you see an unexplainable phenomenon, it’s my people, reminding you the tragedy, when our lives were once great. Our collective memories were in limbo in Tellūs until the end of time. Terra, heartbroken of her dying children, wasn’t as kind to mankind and her wrath was great. There was a great flood, to name one. She killed and wiped off almost all of mankind. My Domina’s family saved a handful of people. They decided to separate and save who they can save. You will find that there are historical proofs of people who talk about a flood – those were the survivors and my Domina’s family were the ones who protected them.
We all lived in peace and harmony for another three thousand years until they attacked my Domina’s family members.
You have to understand, the few Balance that stayed with humans were treated as outsiders. We let our humans live for thousands of years. But don’t think that they were treated as gods. They were feared and hunted.
My Domina* lived in the coast of Helike peacefully. She gave medical treatment to the poor if they were brave enough to seek her. One day, we felt it. Our mental connections to our family members disappeared, one by one, their life lines were extinguished. Soon enough, they found us.
They called themselves Chaos. They killed everyone on the island by causing an earthquake. It is still not clear to me how they did it but it happened. But they underestimated my Domina’s natural talent. She summoned a tsunami, submerging the whole island. It was her way of burying the dead. We managed to escape in the coast, undetected. We settled between the countries you call België and Nederland. From there; she told me that she will make me sleep. The last of my people, the only living son of Terra and Tellūs – will sleep and wake when he is needed.
That was in the winter of 375 BC.
Domina* Alexandria, I find myself awake, in the year 2012, does this mean – I am needed now?
*lumen – light
*Domina – mistress

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