Hello children!
What a month September and October was! 

Lindsy, my creative partner in crime, & I are quite busy with several projects even after we’re done with :EPOCH Files Chapter 0
We’re still updating the webcomics with fillers so our updates on Thursdays are still happening. Chapter 1 will be launching in January 2013, so mark that first Thursday in your calendars! We promise to try not to disappoint! 😉
I would like to thank all our followers and supporters! 200+ strong!
Thank you for spreading word of our comic and it’s existence! 
Also not forgetting, Smackjeeves, for putting our comic at their ‘Comic Spotlight’ for three solid weeks. 
I would buy you guys a round of drinks if I could!

We’ve also been working on a one-shot manga for an international manga competition! We’re very excited/nervous about it!

This year, I’ve decided to give NaNoWriMo another shot. Last year, I chickened out because I didn’t think I can handle the pressure coz of day job workload/comic/RL stuff happening all at the same time. I have NO EXCUSE. Even my horoscope, I kid you not, was talking about how I should really invest my time and effort on this year’s NaNoWriMo! It was a sign, no matter how loony it sounds, but I believe the universe has spoken. 
What a ‘what the hell is this bullshit’ coincidence, right? I must take a photo!

Anyway, the name of my NaNo this year is: The Family Stone. The genre is adventure/supernatural/mystery.
My username is GrimMoira. Add me if you guys like! 😀

Today is Day 2 and I still haven’t passed my word count. My word count at present is 50 words. 

I am digging my own grave.

I will update as soon as I have more ridiculous things to let you guys know! 😉



P.S. Men! Don’t forget, it’s also Movember – keep those ‘staches for a good cause! 😉

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