The Fairies

‘I’ve seen fairies!’ Doris half shouts. 
She stops colouring and waits for her sister’s reply.
‘No, you haven’t!’ her sister, Dorothea replies calmly, not stopping her colouring stride.
‘Yes, I have! I’ve seen them before Dorothy, you have to believe me.’ 
Doris slumps on  her chair and sulked. She is only four.
Dorothea sighs, puts down her crayon and sat next to her sister, ‘Fine, tell me about them.’
‘They were ‘this’ small,’ gesturing to the size of her tiny hand, ‘And they go on tip toes because they don’t want to get their feet dirty. They once told me that they can only clean their feet with water they collect inside flowers. Dad doesn’t believe them…Mom does though!’ 
Dorothea made a face, half amused half intrigued.

‘The last time I saw them,’ she continued, ‘she let me touch her necklace and it sang!’


‘When you touch it, you hear a lot of singing and it was like something from a movie, like those fairy movies but this one is real. But…’

‘But what, Doris?’ Dorothea says impatiently.

‘Fairies crush easily.’

Doris gets up and starts colouring her unfinished page, leaving Dorothea disturbed about her younger sister.


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