Muse for Hire (Chapter 16)

Elaine wakes up. Instinctively, she looks at the clock on the bedside table. It’s 2am.
She hears Tony sleep next to her. She listens to his heavy sleep-filled breathing. Tony’s arm is wrapped on her waist.
Elaine felt her hand going to Tony’s hand.
Elaine promised Tony that what happened the other night will never happen again.
Elaine feels racked with guilt but filled with so much feeling that she hasn’t felt in a while.
Earlier in the day, Elaine called Gordon and she agreed to meet him in his room. She wanted to talk to him about something – anything even, just to know how or why she feels the way she does. She went to the hotel straightaway, without a second thought.
The next thing she knew she was at his hotel door. She rang and he opened the door.
And then, everything became surreal.
Gordon smiled.
Elaine smiled back.
Gordon asked her to come in and she did. She heard him closed the door. Elaine turned around, was about to say something to him but nothing came. Because his mouth went to hers.
And she welcomed it.
The world around her became silent.
All she heard, felt and saw was Gordon and everything was on fire.
Well, that is how far as I got for NaNoWriMo 2010! I don’t actually know how to finish it. Too many things happened at work and at home.
But so far, I’ve been good and been finishing what I’ve started. 🙂

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