Muse for Hire (Chapter 14)

Elaine couldn’t wait to see Connor. She hasn’t seen him since they were in high school. His love life is pretty epic and she wonders if he’d take offense if she uses his love life as a plot for her story. She knows it would work.
Elaine is to meet them at the Thai restaurant that they used to go to. Tony, who’s met Connor, wanted to come along but he had an early meeting and would only be able to join them later at night.
Elaine looked around the restaurant and looked for the familiar greasy hair. She asked the hostess if Connor and his friend have arrived but it turns out, she was there before them.
She wonders about Connor’s friend. She wonders if he’s really Connor’s partner. This amused Elaine and she was smiling to herself when someone taps her on her shoulder. Her face lit up and she gave her old friend a hug. Connor didn’t change one bit, except the excessive facial hair.
Connor steps to the side and he introduces Gordon to Elaine.
Elaine felt like she was trampled. She felt her cheeks getting hot.
She managed to politely introduce herself and held out her hand to shake his. At some point, Connor jabs Gordon and Elaine wondered if he felt the same way she did just now.
Elaine was thankful that she managed to contain herself during their meal. She looked at herself in the mirror and her face was flushed.
She didn’t know what this is all about. For some reasons unknown to her, she’s feeling a tsunami of feelings all at once.
She snatches her purse, walks into the nearest stall and closed it. She put the toilet seat down and sat on it. She opened her purse and dug in, feeling for the shape of her phone.
She wants to enquire with someone. She wants to talk to somebody but it feels so wrong. She hasn’t felt like this in years.
She held her phone like it was a magical stone that would bring her calm.
Elaine does not want to admit it to herself and she certainly does not want anything else to happen. She will be able to go through this.
And at the same time, she had the sudden urge to finally write.

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