Muse for Hire (Chapter 13)

Elaine wakes up and checks the clock. It is past noon already. She feels Tony side of the bed and he’s not there. She can still hear him and this made her sit up. She checks the floor and she finds him, still asleep, snoring faintly. She watches him sleep and wonders if he’s going to complain about the impending hangover of the year.
Elaine was restacking her notes on the floor after having a small lunch when she hears a loud groaning from outside the room. It must be Tony and the hangover galore. She leaves the room to find Tony in the sofa, nursing his head gently. She asks him if he wants coffee and she whispers to him instead. He looks like he needs everything to be gentler.
She settles back to her work once she manages to get Tony comfortable. She’s back at her old notes.
She opens the flap and she first thing she sees is a poem dedicated to a certain person named J. She tries to recall this person but can’t recall anyone.
This is not the end
Who said it was?
Just a temporary goodbye from me
Though I didn’t have the heart to tell you
The weather forecast predicted rain
But all I could see is endless blue skies
And it had to be a beautiful Sunday morning when I say goodbye
Insomnia is killing my body clock
Cigarettes are killing my throat
The world is killing my soul
I’m tormented with stupid hope
And it had to be a beautiful Sunday morning when I say goodbye
Endless possibilities and consequences have me delirious
I find myself praying for more
I end up getting burned for what I wish for
When it comes to stupidity and naivety I’m hardcore
And it had to be a beautiful Sunday morning when I say goodbye
I thought a change was good
You were like déjà vu
I rush things and it gets so messy
Maybe when fate decides to make our paths collide
Make the wrongs to rights
Then maybe,
Maybe it will be our time
But I hate this
It had to be a beautiful Sunday morning
When I decide to disappear from your life
Elaine wonders whom she dedicated this poem to. It’s been a while since she checked her notes but some she clearly remembers. She thinks it might have been a fling but then again, the feeling can’t be that strong. She wonders about how many men she actually felt so strongly for.
She doesn’t want to dwell back on this again but she must have been so broken hearted often. She always forgets to look before she leaps or she kept looking and forgot to leap at all. It’s either one of that.
Love could really bite when the other doesn’t feel the same way
You could always just hope and pray the person will stay and love you back
And if time runs out and you’re destined to fall on your back
It takes time to learn and live with the pain and the bad things that comes along with the good
In the end, you get even stronger
And tomorrow, you will look forward to love yet another
She agrees with herself that she is such an emo child.
Elaine decides to finish up with the ‘box of doom’ as soon as she possibly can. She hopes that this is not wasting even more time than it already has. She still has to speak to Tony about this and she’s preparing herself for the doom her friends are going to inflict on her once they do wake up in the guest room.
Shannon wakes up first. Shannon got up with no hangover or headache whatsoever. She looks like she slept like a baby. Elaine was checking her Facebook and Twitter, thanking the people who greeted her from all over the world when Shannon peeks into the storage room. Shannon jokingly referred to the room as the Cell and Elaine couldn’t find a more fitting name. They laugh at this and this somehow sealed the deal. Shannon inquires about the problem at hand and asks Elaine if she knew when this started. Elaine doesn’t know when it started. She knows what she’s thinking but she can not hear herself talk. Elaine wonders if whatever she just said made any sense to Shannon. Shannon nods sympathetically. Shannon suggested that maybe she needed to talk to someone more or she needs to talk to someone new.
Elaine feels like her writer’s block somehow made her mute, but not in a literal way. Elaine tells her that there are conversations going through her head but it’s completely different. It’s as if everything is in third person. For example, she reads an entry in her diary and there’s a conversation. She can read it and see it but not write it which she found rather odd. She informs Shannon she’s been like this for almost three years now. She wonders where her voice went.
Just as she declares this, Judy peeks into the room, with her hair all over her face. Judy sleepily corrects Elaine that she did write conversations in the other stories she wrote before. Elaine shakes her head, telling them that it’s not her voice and she informs them that it took her two weeks to write less than five hundred words.
Judy asks Elaine about what happened to the other story she had planned. It was about world peace and that’s all she could recall because she only read the first part:
World Peace
World peace does not exist. Maybe we try to believe that we are all living in harmony with one another but it’s only a figment of our imagination.
Judy could only recall that much and Elaine was impressed how her friend actually remembered those pieces of old work. Elaine couldn’t even remember a word she wrote. Shannon suggested the Letter for Help file. Elaine could just finish this and all would be peachy. Elaine said that the letter for help was rather short and she didn’t know where to begin again. She remembers that there are less than a hundred pages because it was supposedly cut because of something that happened to the ‘writer’.
Elaine informs them that the only stories that are unpublished are the ones which she wrote in high school or college and those are fluffy stuff like bunnies. She didn’t get serious until she finished college.
Elaine tells them that she’s doomed this time. She can’t shake it off. She figured if she took this kind of responsibility, with the time limit included, she would have been able to write but it’s the complete opposite. Or more like, nothing happened.
Judy asked the girls if they wanted to drink something alcoholic right there and then but Elaine declined. She reminded them that she needed to take care of Tony since he’s nursing a rather big hangover.
Shannon suggested they should go over the other articles Elaine wrote. Maybe there would be something in it that might help her out. Judy asks Elaine if she went through them and Elaine didn’t answer. They both knew she didn’t.
Elaine didn’t feel like going through it because it’s going to sound so amateur. She remembers she had this amazing plot for a full-fledged story. She had written more than half of it when she accidently had it thrown out.
That mistake scarred her for life, no matter how much she denies it. Whenever she thinks about that mistake she made, she shakes her head in disappointment without even noticing it.
The girls encourage Elaine to look for more of her short stories. Maybe she would find something else.
They excuse themselves and informed Elaine that they have to go home and get changed. They assured her that they will come back and look at her other articles.
Elaine and the girls exchanged goodbyes and after checking on how Tony’s doing, she went back to work.
Just as she sits down, Elaine’s phone rings and she checks the caller display to check the caller’s number. It was an international call and she couldn’t think of who would place an international call to call her.
Elaine answered the phone and her face lit up.
One of her best friends Connor was at the airport. And he brought a friend.

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