Muse for Hire (Chapter 6)

Elaine wakes up slowly.

She thinks back whether she had a dream or not, barely recalling it.
In this dream, she was sitting in her living room and wanting to cry. She recognises the place as an old flat but she remembers staying there when she was around ten. In this dream, she was about eighteen, just fresh out from senior high school. She knows it was around that time because she can see herself and knows her hair was bluish green back then.
It’s been a year and a half since she graduated, she’s unemployed and not in college. She feared being unaccomplished.
She knew she wanted to be a writer then. But none of the people she met took her seriously. It’s not that she took offence. Many people she knew wanted to be photographers and they get the latest gadgets and DSLR but give it less than a year and they don’t pick up it up again.
She always had ideas; it could be big or small and sometimes even rather foolish. But she had them and that’s what it mattered.
She stopped writing a year ago, focusing on finding herself or more like trying to experience getting drunk every day. Now her so-called great ideas flew away and headed to some other promising young mind.
She was alone and she felt rather hallow thinking how the ideas left her realm of thoughts.
Elaine found herself suddenly washing the dishes, still contemplating on what to write.
Then she found herself back in the sofa, this time, laying down on it.
Elaine woke up and she felt that her body seemed heavier.
Either she gained weight or there is a rather mysterious gain in gravity.
She does not think that dream is healthy.
Her unconscious mind has crossed over with reality.
She wants to sleep some more and she’s trying her best to open her eyes but her eyes seems to feel like it’s clamped together. She’s secretly grateful that her part-time doesn’t need her for a whole week. She can sleep, eat and laze about.
She forces herself to sit up and her eyes are still stubbornly closed. She feels about Tony’s side of the bed and she realises that she has woken up late again. She can hear him and his mom outside, talking. They’re probably cooking breakfast. She manages to open her eyes and see that it’s already past noon. It gives her a jolt she needed to get out of bed. Today is grocery day. Maybe she’d even have some luck today.
She comes out of the room and she finds Tony’s mom watching the news. There seems to be more flooding somewhere in the world. Then she realises it’s cold. She starts shivering and Tony was holding a sweater in front of her which she gratefully takes. She puts up her arm and Tony puts on the sweater on her.
She starts shivering but feels better with having something warmer on.
And just like magic, Tony’s got coffee ready.
She’s a lucky lady, she thinks while smiling at Tony.
He smiles back and suddenly farts.
He gives her a sheepish smile and all she could do is laugh.
Love is in the air indeed.
Grocery shopping was pretty hectic. Not because of the usual noon time crowd. It was because of the rain. It’s been non-stop now for three days. Light showers and sometimes it’s a bit heavy but it’s nice.
For Elaine, she loves rain whenever. She’d rather have rain any day, every day. It’s also cooler so she feels that it’s easier for her to move around. She starts planning on what jacket to get when it gets even cooler. She decides to drop by Salvation Army to check their jackets out. They always have something great.
By the time they get home, Tony’s mom wasted no time getting busy in the kitchen. Elaine puts the groceries away, sits on the sofa and decided to watch some TV.
After a few minutes, the TV screen flickered. Elaine can hear sounds but she can’t see what she’s watching.
She turns it off and on back again. The screen is back on, she feels relieved, figuring it might just be some sort of bug. But it happens again a minute after.
No good.
Either her nightmare is going to come true or their TV’s broken.
She figured they would need a new TV if this can’t be fixed. And here she was planning to get a new digicam since the one she’s got is begging to be not used anymore.
Often when things go wrong, she sometimes blames herself.
Sometimes she thinks it’s a result of being too happy.
Or perhaps, she’s taken some things for granted. She might not have valued things enough.
Simply things like this have happened and sometimes, she takes it too seriously.
Tony once told her to take things one day at a time.
She was too serious.
Too serious in fact that it was almost borderline, loony.
She had to admit that it did get crazy but she was used to having everything in order.
If Plan A didn’t go through, there’s Plan B and then Plan C. And if worse comes to worst, Plan D and Plan E. She didn’t take rejections, mistakes nor failed plans like a trooper. She feels that it made her look like a sore loser. Even if she tries to tell everyone that this isn’t who she is. Or is it?
Elaine realises that trying to find a plot of her novel is making her thread in familiar but dangerous waters.
She doesn’t want to dwell here but it seems that she might have to.
She needs to get some luggage out. Now she wishes she had Oprah as a god-mother or an old best friend of her mom’s. And if Oprah and her mom were really close, she’d be able to call Oprah, auntie.
Now that would have been cool.
And now she wishes she had a fairy godmother. Fairy tales are always good.


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