Muse for Hire (Chapter 5)

On the way home, she remembers about their anniversary.
Tomorrow would mark the 4th year together with Tony. She mused at how time flies.
Dread crept in along together with all the mushiness.
She has to think about what to cook. She has no gifts.
She recalls moments and a series of flashbacks visit her thoughts. She could write her autobiography but who would actually read about her life? She’s not a celebrity. She’s barely thirty and there’s always that rule that you don’t read a person biography unless he or she is not over sixty.
It does make sense.
Another idea thrown at the curb, together with the other rejected ideas.
She checks the time, she’s got plenty. She needs to get food. She needs to buy food for celebrating things and cake. Tony loves cake.
Cake would serve as a temporary gift.
Elaine turns the key, peeks inside the flat, making sure no one’s home. The cats, Roxy and Ariel mewed at her, welcoming her back home. She pets affectionately and went to the kitchen to hide her purchases. Things are always safer in the kitchen.
Tony comes home and he’s not in the mood. Elaine knows must be bad day at work. Good thing tonight’s not their anniversary. He announces that he’s going to bed.
She thought it was a rather positive turn of events even if he was upset. She wants to get some more sleep today and she’s been planning to wake up earlier than usual anyway. She joins him shortly, hoping to dream better tonight.
Elaine wakes up with a start. Tony’s waking her and she’s still quite disoriented. He whispers to her happy anniversary and pulls her closer to him.
She swoons.
She might not be able to explain or write about love well, but she’s mighty glad she knows how it feels.
They’re lucky.
She kisses Tony and she falls back to sleep in his arms.

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