Muse for Hire (Chapter 2)

Elaine did dream as she wished.

Actually, it was a nightmare.

Elaine wakes up to the sound of a pan falling to the floor. She knows it is Tony cooking and she gets out of bed without any hesitation. She looks at her alarm clock to check the time and she’s 5 minutes earlier than her alarm, which she turns off before placing it back on the shelf next to their bed.

She finds Tony in the kitchen, cooking pancakes. He gives her a sheepish smile and pulled her towards him for a morning hug and kiss which she gladly takes. Elaine loves the warm feeling next to her skin. She knows she can cuddle him all day and not do a single thing. He tells her that she should go ahead with the shower while he prepares breakfast. All she wants to do is go back to sleep but she knows that if she tries to go back to bed and get a few minutes, she won’t wake up in another few hours.

After showering, she changes while Tony finishes setting up the table. She took a mental note to wake up earlier tomorrow to make breakfast for him. She believes it’s been three days now that she’s been getting up late. She’s been stressing about what to write these past few days that she’s not even sure about what’s happened in the past three days.
Elaine loves eating, especially when Tony prepared it or vice versa. She wondered whether she should write something about being a foodie. Then she realises that no matter how much she loves food or eating, she doesn’t really know much about food in general. That would be another bunch of people that’s going to throw rocks at her window for being such an amateur. No, she doesn’t know enough. She mentally erased the idea.

And she also mentally erased calling herself an amateur too.

Elaine walks to the bus-stop and takes the morning in. Tony won’t be leaving until the afternoon so he’s got plenty of time to take a nap. She thinks he’s so lucky to get extra winks. She’d feel lucky if she gets a proper seat in the bus and have a cat nap. She wonders why she felt a bit off today and she’s only going back to work today. All the thinking is making her feel exhausted. Maybe she shouldn’t be too serious about focusing.
Maybe all she needs is music.

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