The Dock

I was on my way to the pool for a swim. As I made my way to the indoor pool, there was a man at the corridor. I didn’t stop to greet him but as I walked past, he told me to do a ‘right turn’ instead of left. He told me to go to the outdoor pool instead. He told me that’s where ‘they’ were.
I stopped to think for a moment about this but I kept walking on but I did go to where he asked me to go.
The exit was beaming with light. I kept walking on and as I got out, I was clearly not in a swimming pool area.
It was a dock area and I could see the sea from all directions. It was as if I walked out of the edge of an island.
There were people at the dock. Some were sitting together in a group, some were swimming and some were laying down on the sand. Apparently, they were all acquaintances. They informed me that my friends will be there soon.
I sat among them and observed the activity around me.
I noticed a man, a stranger, not quite far from me. He had the greenest eyes I have ever seen and I felt so lost in them.
When I managed to look away, I realise that I am surrounded with men, asking for my approval. All I wanted was to impress the man with green eyes, so I announced that I am going to dive off the dock!
Some of them looked shocked.
Some of them looked impressed .
And some didn’t pay attention to me.
The man with the green eyes pretended not to hear but I felt his eyes follow me.
It was low tide and I knew it was dangerous.
But I felt I had nothing to lose.
I dived.
I heard the gasps and the screams from both the men and women.
Of course, I knew that the area where I dove is deep enough for me to execute the dive.
I resurfaced, unharmed and feeling quite triumphant.
I looked back at the dock, quite eager to see their reaction.
But there was no one there.
I swam towards the shore and I called out names.
I wondered how long I was gone but it can’t be that long ago.
It was less than a minute ago.
I felt quite chilly and realized I left my towel at the locker.
The only rational thing to do is to go back and see what happened.
I turned to walk towards the exit, shivering in the sudden chill.
I stopped walking and stared at the large slab of rock in front of me.
There was no exit door.


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