I entered the most beautiful garden.
I looked in awe around me, I was enchanted.
Assorted coloured flowers were scattered around and the birds sang their sweet songs.
A man with no face offered me a fruit and I smiled at him as I held out my hand to receive it.
I could smell the fruit’s sweetness, brought it to my lips and took a bite.
As I was chewing, I noticed a half eaten worm – I ate the worm.
I was horrified, spat out what I could then I started to choke.
Everything spun as if I was on an out of control merry go round.
I was struggling for air as I fell on the soft grass.
I was trying to stay conscious.
I saw a shadowy face smile at me.
My heart started to slow down.
I remember the smile because in my dreams, I fell in love with that smile.
My heart felt like a dying engine.
How was I to know it would end this way?