Black Rain

I was sitting opposite heavily curtained windows, collecting my thoughts.
I had just received fresh information from various networks, trying to confirm their authenticity before I passed it on to the others.
Beside me is Kipp, who is looking through a pinhole device to look outside. His face looked exhausted but he kept watch like a hawk.
‘Hey, I think you should get some sleep,’ I whispered.
‘How long have I been on watch?’ he asked, still looking through the device.
‘Two days and two nights.’ I looked behind me to check on the others. My family and some of my friends were sitting around the living room, not speaking.
They were listening, waiting for something.
We were on the 20th floor, safe from harm but for how long?
I quickly got up from my chair and ordered one of my brothers, Alphonse, to replace Kipp.
One of my friends, Rita, got up from where she was sitting.
‘I’m on kitchen duty today,’ she whispered to the small group around her. As she made her way to the kitchen, two of my sisters followed along to help her.
Kipp stood up slowly from his chair, thanked Alphonse, and went straight to one of the rooms.
Suddenly, the radio beeped to life.
Kipp, Rita and my sisters quickly ran back to the room. We looked at the radio nervously.
Will it be good news? Finally?
We heard static at first then the voices became clearer, urgent.
‘Wherever you all are, the rains are coming! It’s coming fast and it’s carrying smoke! Take shelter NOW. Go somewhere high. Do NOT stay on the ground, I repeat, DO NOT STAY ON THE GROUND!’
The radio transmission kept saying the same urgent message. We all looked at each other, wondering what we should do but we all felt confused.
This is the first time we heard someone talk over the radio in ten months.
And it’s been ten months since the rains came.
Then we heard the windows flung open!
Alphonse, Kipp and I lunged for the open windows and scrambled to close them. We managed to close all but one.
‘It’s coming fast! DO NOT LET IT SEE YOU!’ screamed the voice on the radio.
Kipp ordered Rita to get the glue gun and Rita ran back to the kitchen. The rest of my group tried to keep the curtains in place. They all looked deathly white.
Rain water started spraying into the flat from the window. From where the three of us were standing, we could see the black smoke swirling around the rain. Rita ran back to the room with the glue gun. My sisters ran to the other side of the room to check on the doors and I ordered my other brother, Nial, to go after them to help.
Rita shut the radio off as we struggled to cloak ourselves with the thick curtains. We almost had the window closed when all of a sudden, there was this powerful magnetic current. Luckily, we only had a few magnetic items in the flat but the few items went flying towards the window. The phones, some gadgets and a small number of cutlery we saved to use. I tried to grab things back while I kept the window closed. Kipp ordered Nala and Sam to make sure the curtains were in place so it will minimize the magnetic current somehow.
The device that I got from the scientist went through the other side of the curtains and it  flew towards the glass of the window we were struggling to close. I told them we couldn’t lose it or we’d be left in the dark.
As I was reaching for it, I wake up somewhere else.

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