The Smoking Men

I was in a construction site.
It was my workplace and I was going around, looking at how everything was going in place.
I saw three men smoking near the Junior Library, ran towards them and asked them to leave. They laughed at me and it made me angry as they walked away. I ran after them but as I was running, I was transported to the Kowloon seaside. I kept running and passed booths which looked like they were from a circus. I kept running after those men but as I did, my surroundings were changing from jubilant to suddenly creepy.
I stopped running and looked back.
The booths were gone and it was very dark.
I started running back but then, I realise that I’m running at the same spot.
I began to feel scared.
I kept looking back at the darkness inching its way towards me. I had to calm down and did a Dorothy chant going, ‘Workplace, Central’ over and over again while looking back at the darkness creeping its way to me.
I couldn’t escape – all there was is darkness.

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