Grim in the Sky with Diamonds

A friend moved to a humongous new flat. I went to visit him to see it for myself since he had been boasting about it for quite a while.
There was an elevator but he said he didn’t use it and refused to let me use it. He convinced me that it’s better to use the staircase. After a grueling walk-up, I was surprised to find that he didn’t have a  front door. It was an open floor, like a large warehouse studio. I stood there, not knowing what to feel about the completely open space. I was afraid of people just going into his floor and steal things.
I look to my left and I saw another set of stairs leading up to another floor.
That made me even more uneasy.
No doors. Unsafe.
Then, the elevator doors opened.
He told me that there’s something in it. The elevator is empty but I could feel something sinister within the elevator.
Then he tells me he sees it.
He tells me he made a mistake of getting the flat in the first place.
We ran up the staircase, ended up somewhere on top of the building. It turned out to be an old hotel which was never finished. We looked out of the window, estimated that we were about twenty floors up.
We heard a loud thud, decided that we needed to get out of there – stat.
We climbed out of the windows and stepped out on the balcony. We saw another couple trying to run then I realized that I forgot to retrieve an important item from his room.
As I turned back to go back in the room, the balcony fell.
I managed to grab on to the hoist rope of a nearby crane with my left hand and my friend was holding on to my tab which I held with my right hand.
I managed to raise him up the jib then he pulled me up. We held each other, out of relief and all of a sudden, we both morphed into someone else.
We were still on top of the jib of the crane and we were calling out for help. I couldn’t scream as loud as I wanted to because I was scared that we might lose balance. Every time I try to scream, mouthfuls of water comes out of my mouth.
I felt so helpless.
Everything went quiet around us and it became darker. I looked up, it was evening. I noticed the sky was made out of orange silk cloth and the stars were coming out for the night. The stars were made out of sparkling with jewels.
I was fascinated and petrified at the same time. I felt my knees almost give way. I could feel the air, the space between the ground and the jib.
I didn’t want to be afraid.
I didn’t want to die a miserable death.
I didn’t want to remember this moment as my last dying memory and finally – I screamed out loud.

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