The First Dance

This was one of the stories that I have in my collection that I might submit one of these days with Lindsy! Or maybe not..
Sometime during the 1960s, somewhere in the Philippines..
(Lucille running from school)
(Lucille running through the fields)
(Lucille barging in the door)
Lucille: I’M HOME! Guess what, Inay? I have been invited to my first dance!
Lucille’s Mom: What? Someone asked you? When is it?
Lucille: It’s for tonight. Um, no one actually asked me…(looks sad) I’ve been invited to ‘work’ as a valet to greet guests.
Lucille’s Mom: Oh, that’s better dear. (Lucille looking confused, jaws open)
Lucille: I’m quite excited about it. It’s my first dance. I have been waiting all this time…since I was……thirteen!
Lucille: (whispering to herself, looking all dreamy) All this love stories I’ve been hearing on the radio will finally happen! And I’m sweet sixteen nowwww. But what am going to wear?? And what if I….prespire???
Lucille’s Mom: I have just the thing for you to wear for the party! (sing song)
Lucille: Really??
Cue to Lucille wearing a white dress
Lucille: Inay, this looks like a wedding dress….
Lucille’s Mom: No, it’s not…it was your great great grandmother and I think you look wonderful!
Lucille: Really?? I..I do?..(she says dreamily, dreaming of dancing with a mysterious young man in the background)
Lucille’s Mom: Now you need this. Come here. (Putting on lots of powder in Lucille’s face and doing her hair mash-up)
Lucille’s Mom: There! You look wonderful!
Cue to Lucille in the dance (looking great)
Teacher: Lucille, is that you?
Lucille: (shyly) Ahh, yes, Ms. Padilla. I’ve never really dressed like this before…
Teacher: Why don’t you join every one else in the dance? Go ahead.
Lucille: (surprised) Are you sure, ma’m? I don’t really know anyone in there.
Teacher: Go ahead. Have fun!
(Cue to Lucille in the corner of the dance floor)
Lucille: (whispering to herself) Why is no one asking me to dance??
Lucille: (whispering to herself) Hmmm…maybe they can’t see me or maybe I should put on more make-up?
(applies on make-up in the dark) (looking a bit different)
Lucille: Okay, that should do it. (sits on one of the chair across from her)
After half an hour
Lucille: (whispering to herself) Why is it so hot in here?? I think my make-up has already faded.
(applies make-up in the dark corner)
Lucille: (looking more different) (whispering to herself) There..oh wait! (slash box – with a tall young man looking pale)
Young Man: Ahhh (looking sweaty and scared) Would…you…like…to (gulp)…dance…?…
Lucille: (grabs young man’s hand and headed to the direction of the dance floor) lead the way!
After 5 minutes..
Lucille: Was all that shaking the new dance nowadays?…I have to practice. But no one else seems to be doing that dance.,(looks around, annoyed) (applies make-up again in the dark corner)
After 2 hours
Lucille goes out of the dance room. (You can only see Lucille’s back)
Teacher: Oh, what happened to you? (surprised)
Lucille: I think I’d rather work as a valet, ma’m. No one wanted to dance with me.
Teacher: *snorts* Lucille, dear, maybe next time – you should consider re-applying your make-up where you can properly see yourself.
Lucille: What do you mean?
(shot of Lucille’s face in the mirror, horrified)
Lucille: My…first….dance…
Teacher: Don’t worry, one day you will laugh at this….I hope. 
This actually happened to Lindsy’s mom back when she was in high school, but we made up most of the stuff! It wasn’t THAT bad! (Actually, it was even worse…) xD

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