This is what happened during the Rapture, Saturday, May 21, 2011 – collab with L.M.Silva!
Talking about our new hit movie soon-to-be blockbuster, Solomon Rising. She’s an exorcist & a spy! Starring Scarlett Johansson as Elaine Solomon, the sexy vampiric, exorcising spy! James Franco as the mysterious, handsome vampire slayer, with werewolf blood, named Jacob Faolan. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Joe G. Loveit, a dashing and naive country boy, who also happens to be related to cowboys.
Elaine Solomon was your typical high school girl dealing with fitting in, in a town (In the middle of nowhere) she had just moved into from California. She meets a dashing quarterback named Joe G. Loveit and is instantly in love. Everything seemed perfect, until now. A sudden switch in the faculty team causes Elaine’s life to be hurled into a spiral– the supernatural kind. She is confronted by Jacob Faolan, a vampire-hunter and werewolf who claims Elaine to be one of the descendant of the most powerful exorcist ever to live.
Forced to pledge an allegiance to Jacob, she is sent to Russia to spy on a secret organization plotting against the American Government. Will she make it in time to save the world from impending doom? And who will she choose who to love; the teacher? Or the student?
….Coming soon. 2012.
Directed by Peter Jackson. Produced by Steven Spielberg. Screenplay by Diablo Cody. Adapted to film from Biography written by L. M. Silva. Based on a True Story of Aileen S. Balucanag.
And we’re already planning a sequel: Dawn of Solomon where she turns into a half vampire!
We’re looking into Evanescence for the main movie theme and soundtrack.