June 15th – Footprints

I came in the children's library early one morning and thought I could relax for a little longer than usual. I changed to my uniform, went to the canteen to get some breakfast and ate it at my pace. I normally wolf it down because I only have 10 minutes to spare. I came back … Continue reading June 15th – Footprints

The Noisiest People I Know & I Go to Taiwan (Part 1)

The Balucanags escaped to Taiwan! This is the first time I am travelling with 4 out of 5 of the siblings. My middle brother couldn't make the trip because of work commitments but hopefully, he can join us when in the coming trips. If you guys don't want a hassle, land at Taichung Airport, it's … Continue reading The Noisiest People I Know & I Go to Taiwan (Part 1)

Maternal Grandparents

My maternal grandfather's name is Sixto. My maternal grandmother's name is Beatriz. Sixto was from a prominent wealthy family but he was not your average Kastila (Castilian). From what I know is that he served the army for a short period of time and his family disapproved of most of his decisions because these were … Continue reading Maternal Grandparents